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Biofeedback/Neurofeedback customer channel
This channel is exclusive for all MediTECH customers with a biofeedback/neurofeedback system purchased from us. You will find product documentation, instructions for use, training material and communication aids for your patients and your network.
Biofeedback service contract customer channel
This channel is exclusive for all MediTECH customers with an active biofeedback service contract. Please inform yourself in the area of contracts as well as in our store about the underlying service package of a once again significantly more extensive care and support from us. You will find more than 50 short tutorials / explanatory videos as well as a growing number of publications and therapy models for the optimal implementation of biofeedback and neurofeedback in your practice.
Webcast - Bio- & Neurofeedback "Treating tinnitus using Biofeedback + Neurofeedback" (German)
How can biofeedback or neurofeedback be used to support the treatment of people with ringing in the ears (tinnitus)? This online seminar provides appropriate background information and insights.
Webcast - Bio- & Neurofeedback "HEG based Neurofeedback" (German)
Our one-hour webcast on "HEG-based neurofeedback" - a safe introduction to smart brain performance training based on HEG (hemoencephalography)
Online-Seminar Der entstresste Patient - Dr. Ingrid Pirker-Binder
Einstündiges Online-Seminar zum erfolgreichen Umgang mit Stress einschließlich der Nutzung von Biofeedback als Instrument der Entspannungsförderung.
MYONYX - EMG und Elektrostimulation
Hochmodernes EMG- und Elektrostimulationssystem - nutzbar per App oder mit BioGraph Infiniti (coming soon)

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