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[ MYO-PRO ] MYONYX 4-channel EMG and electro-stim device
4,797.59 € 4,798.00 € 4798 EUR
Das MyOnyx-Gerät ist ein tragbares, wiederaufladbares Gerät für Oberflächen-EMG-Biofeedback und Elektrostimulation, das drei Funktionsmodi bietet: eigenständig, ferngesteuert mit einem Android-Gerät und PC-gesteuert mit Windows-Software.
[ 2222-DE-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) deutsch
324.99 € 325.00 € 325 EUR
Device for training currently eight basic functions of speech processing (low-level functions) - these are important for speech understanding and thus ultimately also for good spelling! Variants are available in slowed down by a factor of 2 ("slow version") and in several other languages (especially English, French, Polish...). Please select the respective article with the appropriate user language in the shop. The slow version only makes sense in exceptional cases with particularly pronounced training requirements and very weak initial values. INCL. headphones and instructions!
[ 2226-DE-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) (SLOW VERSION) german
349.71 € 350.00 € 350 EUR
Device for training currently eight basic functions of speech processing (low-level functions) - these are important for speech understanding and thus ultimately also for good spelling! This training version has been deliberately slowed down by a factor of 2 and is designed above all for people with rather weak starting values in order to guarantee an optimal training. Usually the standard version is the right choice for the training. INCL. headphones and instructions!
[ 6827-Download ] Orthofix - Single user license (download version)
97.51 € 98.00 € 98 EUR
Orthofix - License (download version without data carrier) for German or English for training visual spelling. Each language can be easily activated and installed on a single computer. You can download the program conveniently at http://download.meditech.de (Learning Support).
[ 2523-Set ] MediBalance PRO balance system professional set [multilingual].
5,427.49 € 5,427.00 € 5427 EUR
Balance analysis and training system - extremely light and mobile posturography platform with multiple training options and a high scope of motivation for clients to participate. Includes the new feedback games SAVE THE SWEETS. OPTIONALLY AVAILABLE: Integration of ZUKOR AIR (high-performance 3D feedback game, in which the client controls flying objects by shifting his balance on the platform.
[ 10930-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer and Central Audiometer Combi Solution as Case Set with Accessories
5,198.69 € 5,199.00 € 5199 EUR
This AlphaTrainer-Set within the AUDIO4LAB multi solutions device offers a highly professional equipment for lateral training with the aim of improving key language, attention and processing skills. The system consists of the AUDIO4LAB - Brain Audiometer Module and the AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Professional Module, a headset as well as an MT-70 pair of headphones paired with a mikrophone model MT-DS-50 and our special LCD shuttering glasses and a CD-Spieler. Everything is fully set up and connected for you as a portable solution in our special carrying case.
[ OF-Flat3 ] Orthofix flat rate "3-month licenses" (annual subscription)
324.99 € 325.00 € 325 EUR
Orthofix flat rate for issuing any number of 3-month licenses to clients of your own practice. Annual flat rate - renews automatically if subscription is not cancelled in writing at least 6 weeks prior to renewal.
Orthofix offers systematic training of visual spelling for building word pictures - the crucial prerequisite for confident spelling.
Access to the software is via download and provision of license keys for a 3-month full version. Your end customers can then purchase the Orthofix full version at special conditions without any time limit.
For network partners, these sales are added to the annual turnover.
[ 8511 ] Triple electrodes (TTL triodes) without gel, 2 packages of 50-pieces each
108.00 € 108.00 € 108 EUR
Original triodes from Thought Technology (not pregelled)
[ 2366-SET-DE ] ALPHA PLUS, Module 1 - 5
258.69 € 259.00 € 259 EUR
5 sequential volumes with working materials for targeted training with adults (all in one set).
Module 1: From letter to word
Module 2: Everyday topics
Module 3: Texts for advanced learners
Module 4: Exercises for consolidation
Module 5: Concepts, solutions, flash words
[ BA1 ] AUDIO4LAB - Zentralaudiometer
3,144.43 € 3,144.00 € 3144 EUR
Professional Brain Audiometer solution including PDT-MP3 license: comes with our external control unit, 12-V power charger [9111], 1x headphones MT-70, MediTOOLS full version (single installation). This package can be amended with other modules (i.e. Tinnitus treatment , lateral training)
[ 8034 ] Intuitive Colorimeter by Cerium
8,967.40 € 8,967.00 € 8967 EUR
System for differentiated measurement of the optimal color contrast for reading. Based on the measurement performed with the Intuitive Colorimeter, an ideally tinted lens combination can then be created and adjusted based on the 110,000 possible color variants. Thanks to the tinted lenses (which can be supplied with or without a correction factor for any deviating visual acuity), it is no longer necessary to use colored foil overlays for reading. The corresponding tinting of the lenses is no longer perceived after a very short time when worn and can significantly facilitate the reading process.
[ 2548 ] USB isolator for galvanic isolation of medical devices and non-medical devices
585.00 € 585.00 € 585 EUR
USB isolator for galvanic isolation of medical devices and non-medical devices
[ 9088-Set ] Audio-Trainer AT-3000 Multilingual, DE, PL, GB, FR
388.70 € 389.00 € 389 EUR
Audio fitness trainer that allows to train up to eight key brain functions such as auditory processing speed, spatial hearing, pitch discrimination and more. Additionally, background noise (white noise or murmuring) can be added for even more intense training.
The AT-3000 comes in a cloth jewel case and includes the English manual and a pair of headphones MT-HS-16.
[ 6827-V03 ] Orthofix - Training Program - Single license for ONE language on data carrier
97.51 € 98.00 € 98 EUR
Learn visual spelling effectively - now in the third version! Good spellers don't use rules - they have a clear picture of the correct spelling of a word. If, as a good speller, you are not sure how a word is written, write down both variants and "see" which word is the right one.

And if you have to spell it, then your eyes often wander involuntarily upwards and you "see" the word image in front of your mental eye and can spell it from there. With Orthofix you can strengthen and promote exactly this ability.

Orthofix now comprises around 18,000 words per language, is optionally available for English as well as German. Mostly 10 words are trained daily, so that 50 words a week and more than 2,000 words a year can be stored in the visual memory - a basic foundation for secure spelling.

This article includes the license for ONE language..
[ 10098-Basis ] AUDECOM set with 10" tablet - basic set
7,657.65 € 7,658.00 € 7658 EUR
AUDECOM - The intelligent hearing comparison: Equipped with an elegantly mounted 5-speaker surround system, the AUDECOM enables you to make a direct LIVE comparison between three pairs of hearing aids with high-quality and meaningful audio examples. Your client can switch back and forth between the hearing impressions of the three hearing systems transmitted to the headphones in a fraction of a second and see for himself the quality of higher-quality hearing systems. The system can currently be used in the following languages: German, English, French, Dutch
[ 2217-DE-SET ] Brain-Boy, Orthofix and training video
422.50 € 422.00 € 422 EUR
Increase your child's chances of success in school, promote your child in a targeted manner for everyday school life and declare war on dyslexia! Our Fit for School program supports you in these challenges. Set consisting of Brain-Boy, CD Orthofix, CD training video.
*** Regular price: 345€ ***
[ 10020 ] Test set in a case for the Warnke test procedure (learning/attentiveness/hearing comprehension/automation)
908.70 € 909.00 € 909 EUR
Test set with the key elements of the Warnke Perception Analysis:
- (Nr. 8) Balancing rod
- (Nr. 9) Grapheme Reading Test (WLT)
- (Nr. 10) Short term memory test
- (Nr. 11a) PDT Phoneme Discrimination Test (vowel consonant vowel words) on CD
- (Nr. 11b) Wedemark Phoneme Selectivity Test WPST (ba-da-ga-ka-pa-ta) - computer programm
- (Nr. 12) Fixation objekt
- (Nr. 13) Lang-Stereo-Test II to analysis binocular vision and polarisation cross test with polarized glasses and backlight cross test solution
- (Nr. 14) visual spelling memory - test instructions

Central auditory processing skills (low-level functions - steps Nr. 1-7b are being assessed using the BASS software solution (screening of 3 functions) or the AUDIO4LAB Brain Audiometer (all 8 functions)
[ BF-SET1-DE ] Biofeedback Einsteiger Ausstattung
5,198.91 € 5,199.00 € 5199 EUR
SET bestehend aus:

[8564] ProComp2 (2-Kanal-System) in grauem Gerätekoffer
[8565] TT-USB Schnittstellenadapter für ProComp-Systeme
[8566-USB] BioGraph Infiniti Software Solution (auf USB-Stick)
[8503] Hautwiderstands-Sensor (Skin Conductance Sensor, SCL, EDA) Flex/Pro
[8504] Hauttemperatur (Temp.-Sensor)
[8505B] Atemaktivität (Respiration-Sensor)
[8534] Blutvolumenpuls-Sensor (BVP)
[ 6105-V09.X ] MediTOOLs evaluation software, full version
778.70 € 779.00 € 779 EUR
With the comprehensive MediTOOLs software, a multitude of documentation and reporting tasks, which have cost you a lot of time so far, can be implemented quickly, elegantly and at the same time even more precisely:
- Reports in a few minutes (standard report, individualized report, documentation of own test steps, ...)
- Patient management
- (automatic) data transfer of results from central audiometer, AlphaTrainer (modules of AUDIO4LAB) and BUP
- Doc: Graphical test and progress report
- Module for OpenOffice optionally available
- Optional: Extension with HAPA module

[ BF-SET2 ] Biofeedback Intermediate Ausstattung
8,399.20 € 8,399.00 € 8399 EUR
Set bestehend aus:
[8713] ProComp5 (5-Kanal-System) in blauer Gerätetasche
[8565] TT-USB Schnittstellenadapter für ProComp-Systeme
[8566-USB] BioGraph Infiniti Software Solution (auf USB-Stick)
[PHYSIO-P5] PHYSIO-Modul für ProComp5/ BioGraph Infiniti
[8503] Hautwiderstands-Sensor (Skin Conductance Sensor, SCL, EDA) Flex/Pro
[8504] Hauttemperatur (Temp.-Sensor)
[8505B] Atemaktivität (Respiration-Sensor),Typ B
[8534] Blutvolumenpuls-Sensor (BVP)
[8507] Muskelaktivität (MyoScan-Pro-EMG-Sensor)
[8549] EMG/EKG-Extenderkabel (Knopfanschlüsse - 40 cm)
[8787] 3-ST3-P Dreifach-Elektrode vorgeliert (Trioden) - 100 Stück
[8737] 3SG3-N Einfach-Elektrode vorgeliert (150er-Paket)

Gebrauchsanleitung BioGraph Infiniti
Gebrauchsanleitung ProComp Infiniti