[ OK-WV-LT ] Learning support trainer eLearning plus supervision
799.00 € 799.00 € 799.0 EUR
This exceptional learning trainer training offers a solid mix of well-founded background knowledge and concrete support possibilities, especially for people with LRS, dyscalculia, ADS/ADHS, asperger's, trisomy-21 or problems in the areas of perception, attention and hearing comprehension. The Warnke test procedure with a total of 14 test steps provides the basis for the diagnosis and the development of the training plan based on it. Technically supported solutions such as low-level training with Brain-Boy or Audio-Trainer are just as much a part of the training as lateral training as special brain performance training. The core heading of the quailfication is automation training in all important modalities - hearing, seeing and moving are equally included and trained.
This course is offered as an eLearning option. In addition to the eLearning content of this qualification - which can be accessed at your pace - you will receive one hour of 1:1 online supervision to clarify all your questions and topics.
[ 2222-DE-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) deutsch
297.50 € 297.50 € 297.5 EUR
Device for training currently eight basic functions of speech processing (low-level functions) - these are important for speech understanding and thus ultimately also for good spelling! Variants are available in slowed down by a factor of 2 ("slow version") and in several other languages (especially English, French, Polish...). Please select the respective article with the appropriate user language in the shop. The slow version only makes sense in exceptional cases with particularly pronounced training requirements and very weak initial values. INCL. headphones and instructions!
[ 8717-App ] HEG sensor for elegant neurofeedback using NIRS technology
1,188.81 € 1,188.81 € 1188.81 EUR
HEG-based neurofeedback is simply elegant concentration and relaxation training. With the HEG Wireless Sensor, you can now enable neurofeedback training at home via app: Simply download the appropriate app, connect it to the sensor and get started. The scope of delivery includes the wireless HEG sensor in a small carrying case, the built-in 9V block battery as well as replacement pads for the forehead sensor (to be changed regularly!). The manual in the local language is also included. The corresponding training app is available free of charge in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.
[ 2222-GB-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) English
297.50 € 297.50 € 297.5 EUR
Training device that allows to improve eight key so-called low-level functions. The skills trained with the Brain-Boy are closely related to language and brain processing skills. They include tasks such as processing speed, pitch discrimination, pattern recognition and much more.
[ 2222-FR-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal - Standardversion (französisch)
297.50 € 297.50 € 297.5 EUR
Appareil permettant d'entraîner actuellement huit fonctions de base du traitement de la parole (fonctions de bas niveau) - celles-ci sont importantes pour la compréhension de la parole et donc, en fin de compte, pour une bonne orthographe ! Les variantes sont disponibles dans une version ralentie ("Slow Version"), ralentie par le facteur 2, et dans plusieurs autres langues (notamment en anglais, français, polonais...). Veuillez sélectionner dans la boutique l'article correspondant avec la langue d'utilisation appropriée. La version lente n'est utile que dans des cas exceptionnels avec une exigence de formation particulièrement prononcée et des valeurs initiales très faibles. INCLURE. écouteurs et manuel !
[ 2222-ES-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) Spanisch
297.50 € 297.50 € 297.5 EUR
Dispositivo para la formación actualmente ocho funciones básicas de procesamiento del habla (funciones de bajo nivel) - estas son importantes para la comprensión del habla y por lo tanto, en última instancia, para una buena ortografía! Las variantes están disponibles en una versión ralentizada ("Slow Version"), ralentizada por el factor 2, y en varios otros idiomas (especialmente inglés, francés, polaco...). Por favor, seleccione el artículo correspondiente con el idioma de usuario apropiado en la tienda. La versión lenta sólo es útil en casos excepcionales con un requisito de entrenamiento particularmente pronunciado y valores iniciales muy débiles. ¡Incluye auriculares y manual!
[ 6827-Download ] Orthofix - Single user license (download version)
89.25 € 89.25 € 89.25 EUR
Orthofix - License (download version without data carrier) for German or English for training visual spelling. Each language can be easily activated and installed on a single computer. You can download the program conveniently at http://download.meditech.de (Learning Support), install it and then retrieve your license key once by email at lizenz@meditech.de .
[ 8565 ] TT-USB interface adaptor for ProComp systems
827.05 € 827.05 € 827.0500000000001 EUR
USB interface adapter for Infiniti encoders. Set consists of the TT-USB-Adapter, a USB connection cable and a fibre optic cable (7 m).
[ 2523-Set ] MediBalance Pro Profi Set multilingual
4,968.50 € 4,968.50 € 4968.5 EUR
Balance analysis and training system - extremely light and mobile posturography platform with multiple training options and a high scope of motivation for clients to participate. Includes the new feedback games SAVE THE SWEETS. OPTIONALLY AVAILABLE: Integration of ZUKOR AIR (high-performance 3D feedback game, in which the client controls flying objects by shifting his balance on the platform.
[ 8717A-SET ] HEG sensor for elegant neurofeedback using NIRS technology
1,773.10 € 1,773.10 € 1773.1000000000001 EUR
HEG-based Neurofeedback is the easy and convincing way of neurofeedback. No site preparations, immediate sensor placement and launching the session are spot-on. Artefacts are also rare in HEG - which saves time usually spent on artefacting in EEG based neurofeedback. Clients usually understand particularly swiftly what they are supposed in this training setup. System consists of a sensor that works with any Infiniti encoder and comes with a free software package for one encoder of choice.
[ 8536 ] EEG-Z-Sensor Typ Flex/Pro-Z with integrated impedance check mode
535.50 € 535.50 € 535.5 EUR
EEG-Sensor with integrated Impedance check for high quality EEG sessions
[ 8507 ] Muscle activity (MyoScan Pro EMG sensor)
577.15 € 577.15 € 577.15 EUR
Pre-amplified EMG sensor to measure surface EMG (sEMG) activity. Can either be applied using triodes or single electrodes (additional EMG extender cable is required)
[ 8503 ] Skin Conductance Sensor SC Flex/Pro
415.31 € 415.31 € 415.31 EUR
This sensor allows to measure and monitor Skin Conductance, primarily useful during stress analysis as well as relexation training and beyond.
[ 8504 ] skin temperature (temp. sensor)
415.31 € 415.31 € 415.31 EUR
This temperature sensor (designed for the Infiniti system) measures deviations of skin temperature as an additional measure related to stress, or relaxation. The application is also often useful to deal with certain types of pain treatment.
[ 8534 ] Blood Volume Pressur Sensor BVP Flex/Pro
415.31 € 415.31 € 415.31 EUR
Special Sensor with photo potical lense to measure the pulse signal / blood volume pulse. Sensor solution for Procomp encoders / to be used with BioGraph Infiniti.
[ 8505B ] Respiration-Sensor Type B
415.31 € 415.31 € 415.31 EUR
This respiration belt can easily be used with the impressive Procomp-Infiniti system. The sensor can either be placed to measure Thorax or Abdominal breathing. Two sensors allow to cover both abdominal and thorax respiration
[ 8506 ] Heartrate sensor (ECG sensor)
415.31 € 415.31 € 415.31 EUR
preamplified electro-cardiogramm (ECG) sensor which directly measures the elecric heart activity. Incudes ECG wristbands which allow to measure IBI (inter-beat interval) from ECG at the wrists, using a complex artefact removal algorithm in the process (offline). Requires additional ECG extender cable for electrode placement (plus the single use electrodes themselves)
[ OF-Flat3 ] Orthofix 3-Monats-Flatrate (Abo)
297.50 € 297.50 € 297.5 EUR
Orthofix-Flatrate zur Ausgabe beliebig vieler 3-Monatslizenzen an Klienten der eigenen Praxis. Jahrespauschale - verlängert sich automatisch, wenn das Abonnement nicht mindestens 6 Wochen vor Verlängerung schriftlich gekündigt wird.
Orthofix bietet ein systematisches Training des visuellen Buchstabierens für den Aufbau von Wortbildern an - der entscheidenden Voraussetzung für sichere Rechtschreibung.
Zugang zur Software erfolgt per Download und Bereitstellung von Lizenzschlüsseln für eine 3-Monats-Vollversion. Ihre Endkunden können anschließend die Orthofix-Vollversion ohne zeitliche Begrenzung zu Sonderkonditionen erwerben.
Bei Netzwerkpartnern werden diese Umsätze dem Jahresumsatz hinzugerechnet.
[ 9976 ] Synergy Suite + BioGraph Infinti
1,783.91 € 1,783.91 € 1783.91 EUR
Synergy software package with BioGraph Infiniti license for use with currently two TPS sensors e.g. for group therapy / parallel treatment of two clients. Records skin conductance, temperature, heart rate/heart rate variability and can also record respiration.
[ 9171 ] VIBSTER
399.00 € 399.00 € 399.0 EUR
Tactile feedback in biofeedback and / or neurofeedback training.
Can be used as a supplement or instead of visual or acoustic feedback.
Small device that can be attached to the body or even to cuddly toys or other objects, for example with Velcro tape. It is connected to a socket on the TT-USB adapter and can be integrated into any training screen that can be used with Biograph.
When the desired training condition is met, the device starts to vibrate. In this way muscle relaxation, sufficient depth of breath, heart rate control or similar can be rewarded or excessive tension can be gently indicated tactilely.
Ideal for use as additional or alternative feedback, e.g. for blind or hearing impaired persons.
Also suitable for children whose cuddly toy should vibrate when sufficiently relaxed.
The intensity of the vibration can be changed with a rotary control.