[ 2222-DE-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) deutsch
Device for training currently eight basic functions of speech processing (low-level functions) - these are important for speech understanding and thus ultimately also for good spelling! Variants are available in slowed down by a factor of 2 ("slow version") and in several other languages (especially English, French, Polish...). Please select the respective article with the appropriate user language in the shop. The slow version only makes sense in exceptional cases with particularly pronounced training requirements and very weak initial values. INCL. headphones and instructions!
199.00 € 199.0 EUR
[ 6827-V03 ] Orthofix - Trainingsprogramm - Einzellizenz für EINE Sprache auf Datenträger
Learn visual spelling effectively - now in the third version! Good spellers don't use rules - they have a clear picture of the correct spelling of a word. If, as a good speller, you are not sure how a word is written, write down both variants and "see" which word is the right one.

And if you have to spell it, then your eyes often wander involuntarily upwards and you "see" the word image in front of your mental eye and can spell it from there. With Orthofix you can strengthen and promote exactly this ability.

Orthofix now comprises around 18,000 words per language, is optionally available for English as well as German. Mostly 10 words are trained daily, so that 50 words a week and more than 2,000 words a year can be stored in the visual memory - a basic foundation for secure spelling.

This article includes the license for ONE language.
75.00 € 75.0 EUR
[ 2217-SET-DE ] Brain-Boy, Orthofix und Trainingsvideo
Increase your child's chances of success at school, support your child purposefully for everyday school life and declare a fight against reading and spelling weakness! Our Fit-for-School programme will help you meet these challenges. Set consisting of Brain-Boy, Orthofix and training video.
265.00 € 265.0 EUR
[ 9160 ] Der PIP - APP-basiertes Entspannungstraining
The PIP - Bluetooth skin conductancesensor for dealing with stress and training relaxation. This solution comes with a minimum of three free apps for training on your smartphone or tablet.

Taking good care of yourself and dealing with your personal stress level is very important. This also means to take a few minutes for training and relaxation frequently. But when and how do we make this happen? The PIP helps you with this: The PIP being a small and rather impressive piece of technology that you can use in communication with your personal smartphone or tablet. This is all it takes - plus maybe 3 to 5 minutes per day of your time. You decide when and where; and you learn how to self regulate and swiftly recharge your personal battery.
179.00 € 179.0 EUR
[ 8982 ] eVu TPS Biofeedbacksystem als Fingersensor mit Hautleitwert, Temperatur, Puls
The eVu TPS system consists of a small bluetooth based powerful finger sensor: it can measure skin conductance, temperature and pulse in parallel. each of these modalities allows you to conduct the specific biofeedback training. The ANDROID based APP is included in the product price and can hence be downloaded for free from the App Store. Try it today!
598.00 € 598.0 EUR
[ 10930-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer und Zentralaudiometer Kombilösung als Kofferset mit Zubehör
This AlphaTrainer-Set within the AUDIO4LAB multi solutions device offers a highly professional equipment for lateral training with the aim of improving key language, attention and processing skills. The system consists of the AUDIO4LAB - Brain Audiometer Module and the AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Professional Module, a headset as well as an MT-70 pair of headphones paired with a mikrophone model MT-DS-50 and our special LCD shuttering glasses and a CD-Spieler. Everything is fully set up and connected for you as a portable solution in our special carrying case.
3,999.00 € 3999.0 EUR
[ 10910-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Kofferset mit Zubehör ohne Verteiler
This AlphaTrainer-Set in the AUDIO4LAB multifunctional device offers comprehensive equipment for lateral training. The system consists of the AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Module Professional, two MT-70 headphones with two MT-DS-50 microphones and special LCD glasses as well as a CD player. The whole thing is completely assembled and configured from the special case.
1,855.00 € 1855.0 EUR
[ 10916-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Kofferset mit Zubehör mit Verteilern
This professional set for lateral training (alpha training) leaves nothing to be desired. With versatile accessories (headphones, microphone, headset, special LCD glasses, CD player, headphone and microphone distributor and all necessary audio connection cables, this is the optimal equipment for your practice.
2,222.00 € 2222.0 EUR
[ 10080-Basis ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer HOME Setlösung
The home solution for lateral training - easy to use and an intense and powerful training option to enhance reading and writing skills, focus and attention and also brain processing. In the process, you will hear your own voice wandering from ear to ear. On the respective other side you can hear a model voice either from CD / MP3 files or via microphone as an optimal in synchronized reference. Auditory processing and perception can significantly get better - also when applying the unique consonant enhancement option.
This base set includes the AUDIO4LAB-AlphaTrainer unit with its power adapter, a CD player and a special cable set to connect to your computer. We also recommend to add the following components: headphones MT-70, microphones MT-DS-50 and/or the MT-HS-801 headset (a combined headphones-microphones solution), the LCD shutter glasses and corresponding training materials as available in your specific language.
1,180.00 € 1180.0 EUR
[ 9969 ] Tablet 10" mit installierter BASS-1.0-Screening-Software und Kopfhörer
Tablet with fully installed and ready-to-use BASS-Software BASIC version. The software allows you to test up to 3 central auditory processing skills in quick succession.The software includes a fully automated, graphically enhanced reporting feature - just one click away...
1,588.00 € 1588.0 EUR
[ 2523-Set ] MediBalance Pro Profi Set multilingual
Balance analysis and training system - extremely light and mobile posturography platform with multiple training options and a high scope of motivation for clients to participate. Includes the new feedback games SAVE THE SWEETS. OPTIONALLY AVAILABLE: Integration of ZUKOR AIR (high-performance 3D feedback game, in which the client controls flying objects by shifting his balance on the platform.
4,175.00 € 4175.0 EUR
[ 2219 ] BASS 1.0 Screening - Schnelltest für zentrale Hörfunktion
BASS - Screening Software for auditory brain functions: assesses processing speed, pitch discrimination and pattern recognition. The software allows for a fast and convincing screening analysis of key brain functions. It provides a written and graphical report in just a couple of clicks. An analysis function for auditory processing completed in just a few minutes.
1,189.00 € 1189.0 EUR
[ 10018-SET ] AUDIO4LAB mit Zentralaudiometer-Modul (inkl. Kopfhörer/USB-Kabel und MediTOOLs Auswertungs- und Berichtssoftware)
Central Brain Audiometer solution for therapists / paedogigical institutues to assess and train key brain functions such as processing speed, spatial hearing, pitch discrimination, pattern recognition and more. System additionally includes the phoneme discrimination test (PDT) in noise as an integrated MP3 solution.
Scope of delivery: AUDIO4LAB-Brain-Audiometer, Control interface, MT-70 headphones, USB-cable [prod. id 8748], MediTOOLs software license.
2,480.00 € 2480.0 EUR
[ 9088-Set ] Audio-Trainer 3000 Multilingual, DE, PL, GB, FR
Audio fitness trainer that allows to train up to eight key brain functions such as auditory processing speed, spatial hearing, pitch discrimination and more. Additionally, background noise (white noise or murmuring) can be added for even more intense training.
The AT-3000 comes in a cloth jewel case and includes the English manual and a pair of headphones MT-HS-16.
299.00 € 299.0 EUR
[ 8570 ] ProComp INFINITI (8-Kanal-System)
The ProComp Infiniti is an eight channel system for highly flexible measurement of physiological data and corresponding biofeedback. The Infiniti system includes the BioGraph Infiniti software and is extremely flexible and powerful... Every single one of the eight channels can be used with any given available sensor. The system i.e. works with 8x EMG or also eight diffferent sensors - easily.
4,450.00 € 4450.0 EUR
[ 8713 ] ProComp5 (5-Kanal-System) in blauer Gerätetasche
The ProComp5 Infiniti™ offers an inbetween solution within our biofeedback systems family: Our 8 channel ProComp Infiniti™ or the 10 channel FlexComp Infiniti™ on the one side and the 2 channel ProComp2™ system as a starting solution.
3,464.00 € 3464.0 EUR
[ 8564 ] ProComp2 (2-Kanal-System) in grauem Gerätekoffer
The ProComp2 is a compact and yet powerful 2 channel physiology system, either for professional use of biofeedback in your practice or as a home training solution.
1,999.00 € 1999.0 EUR
[ 10098-Basis ] AUDECOM-Set mit 10" Tablet - Basisset
AUDECOM - The intelligent hearing comparison: Equipped with an elegantly mounted 5-speaker surround system, the AUDECOM enables you to make a direct LIVE comparison between three pairs of hearing aids with high-quality and meaningful audio examples. Your client can switch back and forth between the hearing impressions of the three hearing systems transmitted to the headphones in a fraction of a second and see for himself the quality of higher-quality hearing systems. The system can currently be used in the following languages: German, English, French, Dutch
5,890.50 € 5890.5 EUR
[ 2222-GB-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) English
Training device that allows to improve eight key so-called low-level functions. The skills trained with the Brain-Boy are closely related to language and brain processing skills. They include tasks such as processing speed, pitch discrimination, pattern recognition and much more.
199.00 € 199.0 EUR
[ 2226-DE-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) (LANGSAME VERSION) deutsch
Device for training currently eight basic functions of speech processing (low-level functions) - these are important for speech understanding and thus ultimately also for good spelling! This training version has been deliberately slowed down by a factor of 2 and is designed above all for people with rather weak starting values in order to guarantee an optimal training. Usually the standard version is the right choice for the training. INCL. headphones and instructions!
219.00 € 219.0 EUR