Screening diagnostics for the detection of ADD/ADHD

The decision on whether a person has ADHD/ADHD has so far been based mainly on questionnaires and behavioural observation. Both methods are highly subjective. In cooperation with the Charité Berlin and the University Clinic Mainz, MediTECH has developed a new objective measurement procedure for the determination / exclusion of ADD/ADHD.

ADD/ADHD stands for attention deficit syndrome with and without hyperactivity. According to medical doctrine, it is a primarily psychologically caused disorder whose main characteristics are problems with attention, impulsiveness and often hyperactivity. ADS/ADHS is listed as a clinical picture under F90 ff. in the International Catalogue of Diseases (ICD-10).

The initial situation:

  • About 4% of all people are considered "fidgety or dreamy".

  • Consequence: Serious attention and performance problems at school and at work

  • Diagnosis so far largely subjective (questionnaires, behavioural observation)

  • Primary treatment: medication (in the meantime always to be combined with further therapeutic measures in accordance with the requirements of the medical professional associations)

  • Levy has increased forty-fold in recent years 

The vision:

  • Creation of an objective measure for determining ADS/ADHS

  • Drug administration and further treatment based on convincing measurement diagnostics in combination with medical competence

  • Determination of therapy progress using ADS scanner diagnosis 

Three-step screening diagnostics

The screening procedure available with the ADScan consists of three elements:

  1. The ADScan itself: This uses Doppler radar technology to measure the patient's minimal motor restlessness over the entire body.

  2. The Continuance Performance Test (CPT): In this test - carried out in parallel to the first measurement with the ADS scanner - the patient has to react to a specific sequence of symbols by pressing a key; all other symbol sequences do not require a key to be pressed. In this test, attention and impulsiveness are tested above all.

  3. The questionnaire: By means of a well-evaluated and meaningful questionnaire, the data provided by ADScan and CPT are additionally checked and classical diagnostic elements are integrated into the procedure.

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