Focus Training with HEG and TPS

Concentration and Relaxation 

Background to the HEG training

"HEG" stands for hemo-encephalography. With the help of red/infrared light, the degree of redness in a specific area of the forehead is determined locally; this in turn provides conclusions about the degree of intensity of the blood flow and thus also the oxygen supply in this area. In many cases, a change (increase) in blood flow can result in higher oxygen saturation and thus higher performance of the targeted area. When a particular area in the brain is activated to perform a task assigned to it, blood flow in that area increases to maintain the supply of oxygen, glucose, and other important nutrients. This activation is always accompanied by a clear increase in cellular metabolism. It supplies the affected cells with the necessary energy. This process is called HEG biofeedback training. 

HEG biofeedback is understood as a special form of neurofeedback (EEG-based biofeedback), as it is based on conscious control of blood flow and metabolism in the brain. Clients are conditioned according to the classical principles of biofeedback (feedback of body signals). 

The decisive advantage of HEG compared to classical neurofeedback sensors is the fast, simple and motionless application and fixation of the sensor. In contrast to EEG biofeedback, HEG biofeedback requires virtually no preparation or follow-up time; the application is free of EEG-typical disturbances and leads to fast conditioning processes that are comprehensible for the client. ADS clients thus learn to control their own attention and concentration in a more targeted manner - this is where new hope arises for the fidgety person.

HEG biofeedback is thus particularly suitable for the treatment of children and adults with attention deficit disorder and lack of impulse control, such as ADD / ADHD.

In companies and institutions, this method can be used to increase mental performance, alleviate depressive moods, promote concentration and creativity, and develop a trusting and positive mood in everyday life.

The motion-insensitive application of the HEG sensor naturally opens up new possibilities for all other biofeedback therapies, e.g. in the treatment of headaches or depression, in which the activation of the frontal brain plays a role.

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Your options: 

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Would you like to carry out targeted focus training? Regardless of whether the focus is on concentration or relaxation: Use the HEG neuro in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet with the Body & Mind app installed. As a supplement, you can also determine the skin conductance, temperature and heart rate variability with the TPS and integrate them into the training. The person training does not notice much of the measurement. Their focus is on watching videos undisturbed and continuously - THAT IS THE REWARD! You can find more about this application under

HEG-neuro with Body & Mind App

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You would like to integrate the HEG training into your professional biofeedback or neurofeedback session with an encoder from Thought Technology (e.g. ProComp Infiniti, ProComp 5, FlexComp Infiniti as well as the BioGraph Infiniti program)? To do this, connect the HEG neuro Connector between the HEG neuro and the encoder. Thus, the two devices are connected (wirelessly) and the HEG neuro sensor can be used as one of several sensors. You can find more about this solution under 

HEG-neuro-Set Professional solution

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