TPS and DeStress

Wireless sensor for finger placement -  combined with the powerful BioGraph Infiniti software

• Measure stress - convey relaxation - improve resilience •

The long-term effects of stress are not always immediately apparent, but can build up insidiously and have a lasting impact on an individual's well-being. Anxiety, depression, heart disease, weight gain, sleep disturbances, concentration problems and decreased performance are examples of the effects. When a person remains in a state of prolonged stress, the body's resistance to such conditions weakens. That's why we take care of stress. 

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Interpreting stress markers can be challenging, which is why the DeStress Solution makes measuring, understanding and changing a person's stress response as easy as possible.

- Suitable for stress management, performance enhancement, resilience training and all diseases caused by the dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system.- The eVu-TPS wireless sensor provides accurate measurement of stress, combining key physiological parameters to make biofeedback training as successful as possible.- Automated stress test and relaxation exercises to assess the client's stress level and successfully teach them methods and strategies.
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- Self-explanatory individual stress test reports: Detailed report for the practitioner and simplified report for the client. - Clinically oriented design that transforms self-regulation into relaxation exercises and games.The DeStress solution works optimally on a Windows-based computer with the Biograph Infiniti software system installed.

Help for your clients - help for self-help

The tool for self-regulation - for practice and at home.

Professional analysis of TPS data with BioGraph

The TPS can also be evaluated and documented in conjunction with the professional biofeedback program. Learn more about it here. 

TPS - as mobile sensor with cell phone evaluation

Learn more about the possibilities and application of TPS as a stand-alone solution.

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