The word picture training for safe spelling

Orthofix® is an important and effective component of the Warnke® method, which cleverly paves the way to automated and secure spelling. The main benefit of Orthofix is that the program stores unique word images. These can then be reliably recalled and used when writing. A daily 10-minute training session makes it possible to gain more confidence in one's own spelling. The training creates important conditions for accurately reading and correctly storing new words in the future, even during "normal" reading.

Good spellers don't use rules, they trust their inner word picture. Hand on heart: If you - as a good speller - are not sure how a word is spelled, write down both variants and "see" which spelling is the correct one. This way, you have a clear inner picture of each word and its individual letters. So why should weak spellers learn a different strategy or even - often ambiguous - rules? Orthofix ® offers the right way out. Through the coupled auditory and visual training you will develop a secure spelling - letter by letter.

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Our Fit-for-School program

How do you support your child in a targeted manner for everyday school life? While the Brain-Boy trains important basic skills for confident perception and listening comprehension, the Orthofix program enables targeted visual spelling - a decisive prerequisite for confident spelling. With these two tools, you can take our Fit-for-School program straight to your home - and support your child in a playful and targeted manner. 
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