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This is us...

In 1996 MediTECH was founded by Ralph Warnke with 5.000 German marks and a 100 sqft cellar office. The initial goal of the company was to produce and market the unique training solutions invented by his father Fred Warnke. Under the flag of the trademark "Warnke method" new powerful training solutions were promoted to benefit children with learning problems and dyslexia. It proved to be important to provide optimal support and guidance for the professionals and families alike that use and used this training.

The company steeply invests into new research and development. With a select group of professionals among the company's user base (doctors, therapists, clinics, teachers and others) MediTECH now offers a number of product lines, for the most part with close ties to improving performance, learning and/or brain training. In close cooperation with researchers, health care professionals and other experts MediTECH continuously invents and develops new and improved test and training solutions, expanding the company's scope of products further.

Today we are...

  • Manufacturer of special technology, especially in the field of medical technology
  • National and international clients/networks
  • Growing international sales
  • High potential for innovation
  • Initiation of exciting R&D projects
  • Strong growth potential

Our goal 

It is our ultimate goal to continuously provide truly innovative solutions to our customers and partners, applying lateral thinking and creativity paired with expanding knowledge and expertise. The aim is to improve brain processing, perception, attention and in particular learning applying a better understanding of how the brain truly works. We want to help you to bring out the best in you: As a student or teacher, as trainer or therapist, as medical doctor or top level athlete, as acoustician or as an adult with hard of hearing issues.

Our main topics are:

  • Learning enhancement for children (attention, perception, reading/writing/calculation),
  • Improving listening comprehension for adults (Audio fitness- Audio training),
  • By intelligent hearing comparison to the right hearing system (AUDECOM: The portable audio studio),
  • Biofeedback/Neurofeedback: stress, pain, migraine, ADS and more treatments,
  • Balance training and tumbling prevention (MediBalance Pro features Test and Training),
  • Tinnitus treatment (Tinnicur provides acoustic-assisted neuromodulation),
  • AUDECOM - The portable hearing studio for direct comparison of hearing systems
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Our ethics and values

Our relationship with our partners and customers, the state, our competitors and the environment is defined by fundamental values and principles: We maintain an open and fair relationship with all our market partners and expect the same attitude towards us.

With fair prices and high quality solutions we guarantee the success of the company and thus a home for our employees. We ensure the long-term existence and further development of the company and the qualification of our employees through the necessary investments.

Working and cooperating in good faith with government agencies and other public institutions are likewise essential to us and our core belief as mandatory in order to support our free democratic basic order and our corresponding free and open society. Within our abilities we take action in order to maintain and improve environmental and working conditions. We provide a permanent home to our staff members and ensure to be a committed and reliable partner to our customers long term.

Trainings and networks

With numerous courses and workshops amended by several certified training programs (i.e. in the field of learning enhancement, biofeedback/neurofeedback and sensory motor skills) MediTECH expands knowledge and competence of the company's user groups, in particular supporting the company's network of associated partners and professionals.

MediTECH continuously participates in key exhibitions and conferences addressing healthcare, biofeedback, (language) learning and brain processing. The company's ultimate goal is to establish and expand a worldwide network of professional users and to provide convincing and helpful training solutions to the end users.

If you are interested in working more closely with MediTECH and become an associated partner or when looking for a competent professional in your region, please contact us any time – it will be our pleasure to help.

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Our product lines:

MediBalance Pro - balance training

Audiofitness listening training

Learning enhancement

Audecom - smart hearing aid comparison

Biofreedback / Neurofeedback 

ADScan - Screening for ADD/ADHD

Tinnitus analysis and music therapy

Eyetracking - monitoring eye movements

Our company history