The word picture training for safe spelling

Orthofix is an effective component of the Warnke procedure, which paves the way to secure spelling in a smart way. Even better results can be achieved by incorporating additional training elements of the Warnke ® method: The underlying test procedure first determines the current status of the hearing and speech processing. This is followed by an individually tailored cause training that works. The Warnke ® -procedure is characterized by outstanding success rates - and this with an age-appropriate approach.

Good spellers do not use rules, they rather trust their inner word picture. Be honest: If you - as a good speller - are not sure how a word is written, write down both variations and "see" which spelling is the right one. In this way you have a clear inner picture of the word and its individual letters.   Why should weak spellers learn them?  Orthofix offers the right way out. Through the coupled hearing and vision training, you will develop a secure spelling - letter by letter. 

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Our Fit-for-School program

How do you support your child in a targeted manner for everyday school life? While the Brain-Boy trains important basic skills for confident perception and listening comprehension, the Orthofix program enables targeted visual spelling - a decisive prerequisite for confident spelling. With these two tools, you can take our Fit-for-School program straight to your home - and support your child in a playful and targeted manner. 

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