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To be in balance, not worrying about possibly falling - most people never give this much thought and take this ability for granted. But up to 22 percent of male and 36 percent of female population at least sporadically complain about dizziness and vertigo issues. Among the age group 80+ vertigo is impairment number 1 - more than 39 percent of this age group struggle with lack of balance and vertigo issues. Consulting their medical doctor often does not provide the desired solution: Being told that indeed the patient has a vertigo issue most of the time is old news. Aside from easily treated positional vertigo (benign paroxyxmal positional vertigo BPPV) the specific classification which type of vertigo the patient is experiencing is not truly helpful: Primarily patients expect one thing - help, i.e. solutions to deal with and overcome the daily struggle of staying in balance and not falling. This is exactly the aim of our MediBalance Pro platform solution.

The MediBalance Pro system allows you to measure and analyse your client's posture and level of balance in a both elegant and sophisticated way your client will appreciate. Within the given test routine, the three primary systems for staying in balance are being evaluated: the vestibular, the visual and the somato-sensorical system are being assessed and compared. Undergoing a 4- or up to 12-step test protocol you / your staff can determine the balance skills of your client. You will see what effect it has to destabilize any one or two of these parameters and if balance can be maintained or deteriorates significantly.

Based upon such an initial analysis you can offer a target-oriented training to your client which can help him to regain a better sense of posture and level of body awareness.



MediBalance Pro - Sport 

MediBalance Pro Sport Edition provides an accuratetest of balance / coordination, and a refi ned and differentiatedanalysis of the peak performance and thestability of your client under various conditions as wellas a coordinating training.Software receives measurement data during a sessionrecorded with MediBalance Pro platform and providesthese results graphically and statistically:

  • Das Messmodul funktioniert als Waage, bei der die Koordination mit offenen und geschlossen Augen gemessen wird und somit objektiv bewertbar ist.

  • Mit sechs Bildschirmen kann das Training das Gleichgewicht des Klienten trainieren. Hierzu gehören unteranderem Gleichgewicht, Körperbewusstsein, sowie verschiedene andere koordinativ-konzentrative und motorische Fähigkeiten.

In einer Kundenverwaltung stehen die Daten und Ergebnisse zu Evaluierungszwecken zur Verfügung.

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