Foreign language acquisition with the FLIC-Method

In the years 2003 to 2006, 11 renowned institutions from 7 European countries, under the direction of MediTECH, were involved in the development of a new type of system to facilitate foreign language learning for adults. The aim was to develop a system that makes foreign languages accessible in a playful way - similar to children who grow up multilingually - instead of the traditional practice of using rules, grammar and approaches that are not very oriented towards everyday life.



Further and detailed information about this project, which was successfully managed and completed by MediTECH, can be found at www.flic-project.org .
In 2008 the first foreign language learning assistance was made available to the general public 

Further information about the concept behind this training program can be found in our download center. 

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The partners

Among the renowned scientific partners of MediTECH were

  • AGERCEL from France
  • University of Sheffield from Great Britain
  • University of Rome from Italy
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm from Sweden
  • GIUNTI from Italy
  • Bremerhaven Vokshochschule
  • WISOAK Academy of Economics Bremen
  • ...and other partners from home and abroad

Software download

Here you can download the current full version of the FLIC software. Please note that you need a valid license key for the installation. Before the installation it is necessary to unzip the downloaded file.

Please use this link:  FLIC DE 01 version 2.5.0.