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Overview, current versions and system requirements

Current version status   System requirements

Overview of our software downloads

Currently we offer the following software for download. Please select below or above in the menu the area from which you want to download software. In the submenus you will find the download links and notes on the respective software. 

Please note that we provide all software downloads as zip-folders. Before installation it is necessary to unzip the downloaded file. Windows 10 supports the unpacking of Zip folders. 

Current version status

Software Version
ADScanalyzer software 4.1.24
AES - Articulation Evaluation Software 1.1.03
AUDECOM backend 1.0.17
AUDECOM frontend 1.0.37
AUTRIS  2_Win10
BASS analysis software 2.0.13
Content generator 1.0.7
Dialogue trainer 1.0.09
Prepare dictations playfully 1.6.02
DLAB Eyetracking software 3.60
FLIC DE 1 & 2
FLIC EN 1 & 2
HEG Neurofeedback: Body and mind app (iOS)
1.6.0 (Android)
HEG Neurofeedback: Body and mind app (iOS)
1.6.0 (iOS)
Audiofitness app (iOS)
1.9.8 (Android)
Audiofitness app (iOS)
2.6.2 (iOS)

MediBalance Pro solution 1.3.01
MediTOOLs (V8) 8.0.19 (Patch)
8.0.11 (full version)
MediTOOLs (V9) 9.1.06
Orthofix software 3.1.00
Orthofix special edition for "Leichter Lernen" 3.0.05
Sentence trainer 2.1.08
TextAPP - text approximator 1.0.c
Training configurator software 1.0.16
Vocabulary trainer 2.1.10
WPST 3.1.31

System requirements