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MediTOOLs analysis and reporting software
In this channel you will find important information and notes as a user of MediTOOLs. Here we also inform you about new versions and functions.
As a service contract customer, you will find even more information in the channel for MediTOOLs service contract customers: A growing number of tutorials and training videos support you in unlocking the full power of MediTOOLs for your needs.
MYONYX EMG and E-STIM - Customer Channel
This channel is exclusively available for buyers of the MYONYX system.
It is automatically activated for you when you purchase the system for the first time.
AUDECOM - Smart hearing aids comparison [Customer channel]
This channel is exclusively for customers | users of the AUDEOM hearing aid presentation system
Body & Mind App Kundenkanal
Die App und der Sensor zum mobilen Konzentrations- oder Entspannungs-Training.
Wenn die Anforderung erfüllt ist, sieht der Trainierende einen Film. Vom Training selbst bekommt er dabei kaum etwas mit.
Dieser Kanal ist öffentlich zugänglich.
Biofeedback/Neurofeedback customer channel
This channel is exclusive for all MediTECH customers with a biofeedback/neurofeedback system purchased from us. You will find product documentation, instructions for use, training material and communication aids for your patients and your network.
Biofeedback service contract customer channel
This channel is exclusive for all MediTECH customers with an active biofeedback service contract. Please inform yourself in the area of contracts as well as in our store about the underlying service package of a once again significantly more extensive care and support from us. You will find more than 50 short tutorials / explanatory videos as well as a growing number of publications and therapy models for the optimal implementation of biofeedback and neurofeedback in your practice.
MediTOOLs service contract - customer channel
Exclusive information area for our MediTOOLs service contract customers. Here you will find documents and tutorials / videos about the analysis and reporting software MediTOOLs. With this software you can evaluate any other test procedures in addition to our test procedures and easily create highly differentiated reports for your clients.
MediBalance PRO service contract - customer channel
This channel is exclusively available to our MediBalance PRO customers with an existing service contract. Here you will find special training and application information as well as publications about balance analysis and training.
Research | Publications
Here you will find research results and publications on our most important topics.
Contracts (english version)
Here you will find English language contract documents
Videos and more...
Publicly available videos of MediTECH for you.
Body & Mind App Info Channel (public)
The app and sensor for mobile concentration or relaxation training.
When the requirement is met, the user sees a film. He hardly notices the training itself.
This channel is publicly accessible.

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