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  • Bio- & Neurofeedback
  • MediTools
  • Orthofix
  • Warnke Procedure
  • Lateral-Training
  • Hearing Analysis
  • Eyetracking
  • FLIC
  • Basic education adults
[ 10563 ] D-LAB-Software-Modul "Eyetracking" (main module D-LAB)
The main module for D-LAB. A LIGHT version is supplied free of charge with every Dikabilis eyetracking goggle. However, the actual evaluation options are severely limited in this case. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to purchase a corresponding D-LAB main module full license with every Ergoneers eyetracking glasses.

Eye tracking is one of the best known methods of analyzing human behavior. Using fixation calculations, heat map visualizations, shadow maps and many other methods, the otherwise invisible can be explored and understood. Whether in the laboratory, real environment or in the virtual world, with our eye tracking solutions you can freely choose the location for carrying out your study. D-Lab Eye Tracking accompanies you reliably through all study phases.

D-Lab Eye Tracking is available in three different versions: Head Mounted, Remote or Virtual Reality. Find out how Eye Tracking can help you in your studies. Simply click on one of the three methods shown above.

- Automatic calculation of the focus on freely definable areas of interest
- Quick and easy calibration (online and offline)
- Supports a wide range of Remote Eye Tracker
- Synchronization with Motion Capturing Systems
- Standardized measurement and analysis methods according to EN ISO 15007
10,400.00 € 10400.0 EUR
[ 10572 ] D-LAB Eyetracking software module "Connect"
Successor of "Physio-Module D-LAB" and "Datastreaming-Module D-LAB". Enables TCP/IP control for the integration of physio sensors with eye tracking (Biograph-Infiniti with D-LAB interface, separately required positions)
10,400.00 € 10400.0 EUR
[ 10568 ] D-LAB Eyetracking Software-Modul "Video"
You want to observe a situation or a group of people and analyse their behaviour? Then D-Lab Video is the ideal tool for your studies. Simply connect your USB, PAL or even IP cameras to D-Lab and record all videos synchronously. Live observation of up to four Full HD cameras is possible. You can even control your PTZ cameras directly from D-Lab without any additional software.

- Live observation
- Synchronous recording and playback of video data
- Video images with Full HD resolution
- Simultaneous acquisition of up to 4 Full HD cameras
- Synchronous recording of additional sensors
- Supports USB video cameras, DVI signals, PAL, NTSC, IP cameras, eye tracking
10,400.00 € 10400.0 EUR
[ 10567 ] D-LAB software module "Audio" for integration of additional microphones
Die Basisversion AUDIO-LITE ist bereits kostenfrei im Kauf der DLAB-Version enthalten.
Dieses Modul ermöglicht die Integration zusätzlicher AUDIO-Geräte.
1,950.00 € 1950.0 EUR