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  • Warnke Procedure
  • Lateral-Training
  • Hearing Analysis
  • Eyetracking
  • FLIC
  • Basic education adults
[ 6827-OF-DE ] Orthofix German - single user license (download version without data carrier)
Orthofix - License (download version without data carrier) for German or English for training visual spelling. Each language can be easily activated and installed on a single computer. You can download the program conveniently at http://download.meditech.de (Learning Support).

Please note the system requirements for our Windows - happens learning program. You can find them at www.pc.meditech.de under System Requirements -> MediTECH - Learning Programs

You can also order an ENGLISH language version. Please select Orthofix English as a separate article.
81.94 € 81.94 EUR
[ 9209 ] DeStress Software (including Biograph Infiniti) [multilingual]
Destress software for relaxation training including the required BioGraph Infiniti software license. This product serves to EXTEND a TPS sensor already purchased in isolation for use via app. The software cannot be used for active biofeedback without an existing TPS sensor or a TPS sensor purchased in parallel.
1,511.59 € 1511.59 EUR
[ OF-Flat3 ] Orthofix flat rate "3-month licenses" (annual subscription)
Orthofix flat rate for issuing any number of 3-month licenses to clients of your own practice. Annual flat rate - renews automatically if subscription is not cancelled in writing at least 6 weeks prior to renewal.
Orthofix offers systematic training of visual spelling for building word pictures - the crucial prerequisite for confident spelling.
Access to the software is via download and provision of license keys for a 3-month full version. Your end customers can then purchase the Orthofix full version at special conditions without any time limit.
For network partners, these sales are added to the annual turnover.
273.10 € 273.1 EUR
[ 6827-V03 ] Orthofix - Training Program - Single license for ONE language on data carrier
Learn visual spelling effectively - now in the third version! Good spellers don't use rules - they have a clear picture of the correct spelling of a word. If, as a good speller, you are not sure how a word is written, write down both variants and "see" which word is the right one.

And if you have to spell it, then your eyes often wander involuntarily upwards and you "see" the word image in front of your mental eye and can spell it from there. With Orthofix you can strengthen and promote exactly this ability.

Orthofix now comprises around 18,000 words per language, is optionally available for English as well as German. Mostly 10 words are trained daily, so that 50 words a week and more than 2,000 words a year can be stored in the visual memory - a basic foundation for secure spelling.

This article includes the license for ONE language..
81.94 € 81.94 EUR
[ 2219 ] BASS 1.0 Screening - rapid test for central auditory function
BASS - Quick test software for central auditory functions: Captures time processing, frequency discrimination and pattern recognition. The software offers fast and convincing testing of central auditory functions and provides a differentiated written evaluation in report form with graphic support at the touch of a button. A quick test as a screening is thus possible in a few minutes. (Additionally recommended: MT-70 headphones)

BASS - Quick test for central auditory functions

Qualified test with meaningful evaluation:
- Auditory time processing
- Pitch discrimination
- Frequency pattern recognition

Analysis of central auditory functions in only 4 steps:
1. enter client
2. adjust headphone volume
3. perform central listening tests
- Auditory time processing
- Pitch discrimination
- Frequency pattern recognition
4. evaluation and report with only one click
1,298.70 € 1298.7 EUR
[ 6105-V09.X ] MediTOOLs evaluation software, full version
With the comprehensive MediTOOLs software, a multitude of documentation and reporting tasks, which have cost you a lot of time so far, can be implemented quickly, elegantly and at the same time even more precisely:
- Reports in a few minutes (standard report, individualized report, documentation of own test steps, ...)
- Patient management
- (automatic) data transfer of results from central audiometer, AlphaTrainer (modules of AUDIO4LAB) and BUP
- Doc: Graphical test and progress report
- Module for OpenOffice optionally available
- Optional: Extension with HAPA module

654.37 € 654.37 EUR
[ 2020-USB ] BASS 2.0 - Analysis of central auditory functions via software solution
BASS - Detailed analysis software for central hearing functions: Currently captures: (1) Time processing (2) Directional hearing (3) Frequency discrimination (4) Hemispheric coordination (5) Choice response time (6) Pattern recognition (7) Tone length discrimination. The software offers a fast and convincing test of central hearing functions and provides a differentiated written evaluation in report form with graphic support for all collected functions at the push of a button. A quick screening test is also possible in just a few minutes.
Includes USB input device (control unit) for exact time recording of responses. Includes a full software license of MediTOOLS for extensive further analysis and reporting options.
*** Additionally recommended: Headphones MT-70 or comparable closed receiver system ***
3,275.13 € 3275.13 EUR
[ Mitsar-WinEEG ] WinEEG software ADVANCED by MITSAR
The software developed by WinEEG enables the import of EEG files recorded on a third-party system in order to process and analyze them.

Import of EDF and EDF+ files
Up to 256 channel recordings
QEEG and ERP processing
Compatible with LORETA
Batch processing and group analysis
QEEG and ERP processing
Compatible with LORETA
Batch processing and group analysis
2,388.00 € 2388.0 EUR
[ 8679-SET ] SCP-Set for BioGraph Infiniti (incl. sensors + SCP-Suite German)
SET solution for performing SCP derivations and training with BioGraph Infiniti. Requires ProComp5/ProComp Infiniti encoder. This set consists of 1x EEG-Z3 sensor, 1x TT-AV-Sync sensor for exact time synchronization, 1x pushbutton, TTL-SCP-Suite (German). Additional accessories are required for SCP leads, which can be purchased separately (ProComp encoder, EEG-Z sensor for detecting eye movements and other components). We would be pleased to advise you.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
1,958.83 € 1958.83 EUR
[ TT360-GB ] 360-degree suite: Universal software package for BioGraph Infiniti (from v. 6.5 - English) / USB-Stick [P2|P5|PI]
Universal software package from Thought Technology for BioGraph Infiniti (alternative product to Physiology Suite and EEG Suite). Currently only available in English language. Includes software for ProComp 2, ProComp 5 and ProComp Infiniti.
Important note: The 360 degree suite uses the unamplified MYOSCAN sensor, not the pre-amplified MYOSCAN PRO.
712.50 € 712.5 EUR
352.94 € 352.94 EUR
[ 8720-P5 ] Easy-Screens Suite ProComp5 BI 6.x German
The Easy screens were developed to make the practical implementation of biofeedback with almost any sensor combination under BioGraph Infiniti particularly simple and elegant. More than 150 different, clearly structured and catchy analysis and training screens make your work with biofeedback in the future - "easy".

352.94 € 352.94 EUR
382.36 € 382.36 EUR
[ 8985-V6.X ] Headache Migraine Suite Dr. Fink for ProComp Infiniti
Dr. Alexander Fink - Headache, migraine and more. Suite for Biograph Infiniti 6.x or higher (PI)
382.36 € 382.36 EUR
[ 8851 ] MASI-Suite P5 for use with BI - 6.x german
MASI-Suite for P5 test protocol according to Monastra and accompanying training solution frequency band-specific
Consists of analysis and training screens for neurofeedback. (German language version for BioGraph Infiniti 5 and 6 upwards)
382.36 € 382.36 EUR
[ 8797 ] MASI-Suite for PI test protocol according to Monastra and accompanying training solution frequency band-specific.
MASI-Suite for PI test protocol according to Monastra and accompanying training solution frequency band-specific.
Consists of analysis and training screens for neurofeedback.
382.36 € 382.36 EUR
[ 9182-DE ] SCP-Suite "Slow Cortical Potentials" (TTL) - DEUTSCH
The suite is a perfect starting point for users who want to combine evoked potential and slow cortical potential (SCP) measurements with biofeedback and neurofeedback.
It is based on extensive studies under the direction of the University of Tübingen in Germany. There the effects of self-regulation of slow cortical potentials in children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders were investigated.
The researchers believe that "slow cortical potentials are slow event-dependent standing DC shifts of the electroencephalogram. Slow shifts of the cortical potential in the electrical negative direction reflect the depolarization of the large cortical cells and reduce their excitation threshold.
This training aims to regulate the cortical excitation thresholds, which are considered to be prevented in children with attention deficit or with "hyperactivity".
402.35 € 402.35 EUR
[ 8984 ] Z-Score 6 Suite Biograph Softw. 6.x or higher
This Z-Score 6 Suite will allow the user to perform z-score assessment and training with in two ways: using the z-score value itself, or using a metric, called the z-score index, which is indicative of the state of a group of z-scores.
435.88 € 435.88 EUR