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[ 2057 ] Neuromotorische Regulationsstörungen im Kindesalter [Dr. Wolfgang Gündel] (german)
The authors approach the complex matter of neuro- and sensomotoric maturation in childhood, especially from a special education perspective. In addition to theoretical principles, they present an observation method for the recognition of neuromotor dysfunctions. The authors attach particular importance to the fact that both motoscopic and reaction-inducing procedures are used in the assessment of neuromotor developmental disorders.
In addition, they present a practical concept for the promotion of neuro- and sensorimotor skills, which the authors have been successfully applying for more than 10 years in their special school and in the working group "Help for the Behaviorally Sensitive Child".
The reader is provided with concrete, practice-relevant diagnostic and support possibilities, which can also be deepened in specialist seminars. The current models and approaches in this field are integrated and made accessible to the reader.
41.93 € 41.93 EUR
[ 8012-SET-GB-CD ] Bo and friends - CD+textbook (English version)
Bo and friends - six short stories about little Bo and his friends - textbook and corresponding CD recorded in dummyhead stereophony for optimal auditory lateral training.
42.52 € 42.52 EUR
[ L1142 ] Lehrbuch der Entwicklungspsychologie, Volume 2 (German)
This volume deals in detail with the characteristics and tasks of developmental theories and presents biogenetic, psychoanalytic, cognitive and S-R theories of development. In a section on the findings of developmental psychology,...

ISBN 3-8017-0260-X
44.89 € 44.89 EUR
[ L1154 ] Book "Wie wirksam ist Biofeedback?" by Martin/Rief (German)
Through the systematic feedback of physiological signals, people can learn to change them in a desired direction. This opens up fascinating treatment options for mental and physical illnesses. "How Effective is Biofeedback?" presents such treatment approaches, addressing topics such as chronic pain conditions, migraine, hypertension, tinnitus, epilepsy, paralysis - but also the use of biofeedback as a supplement in the psychotherapy of mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorders, sleep disorders, depression, or addiction disorders.

In particular, this book provides guidance as to which biofeedback approach has been scientifically validated for which disorder. Additional framework information (e.g., continuing education guidelines, quality assurance measures) is also addressed.

Interested parties: Psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists; all researchers in the field of biofeedback.

ISBN: 978-3-456-84645-3
44.89 € 44.89 EUR
[ 2277 ] Phoniatrie und Pädaudiologie (German)
The textbook offers a structured introduction to phoniatrics and pedaudiology. In basic chapters, the normal function of the vocal and speech apparatus is explained; based on this, the corresponding disorders are presented. In addition to the medical aspects, the psychological and linguistic aspects of voice and speech are considered in detail.
48.54 € 48.54 EUR
[ 2259-DE ] Story generator (german)
Clever blurb solution for 256 billion variants of short stories for reading training and promoting imagination - can be used with or without lateral training.
48.59 € 48.59 EUR
[ 2298 ] Book "Orthographieerwerb" by Thomé (German)
Are explicit spelling rules the cognitive basis of our writing? Probably not. Rather, we must assume that mental structures are built up which form the basis of spelling competence. How these structures can look like and how they develop is the central question of the book. Moreover, the extensive error-analytical investigation has also made it possible - for the first time in German-language research - to demonstrate different types of learners in terms of cognitive representation and access to orthographic knowledge: one generalizing and one lexical type of speller. Furthermore, a new qualitative analysis tool for spelling errors in the acquisition process is presented.
55.29 € 55.29 EUR
[ 2312 ] Biofeedback in der Praxis, Band 2, Pirker-Binder (German)
An experienced biofeedback specialist shows here how biofeedback strengthens self-awareness and thus contributes to maintaining performance and protecting one's own resources: in sports, with high blood pressure, muscle tension, panic or migraine...

ISBN: 978-3-211-29191-7
60.74 € 60.74 EUR
[ 2311 ] Biofeedback in der Praxis, Band 1, Pirker-Binder (German)
Biofeedback shows how stress, anxiety or joy change heart rate, breathing, muscle tension or finger temperature. For the first time - how biofeedback can help children: Stress management in kindergarten or school, trauma, ADHD, ADD....

ISBN: 3-211-29190-3
60.74 € 60.74 EUR
[ L1043 ] Biofeedback, Rief/Birbauer (German)
Learning to influence the body
Stress, anxiety, pain, but also chronic neurological diseases such as epilepsy, paralysis and ADHD: many people suffer from these. These illnesses are often accompanied by complaints such as concentration disorders, circulatory problems, heart palpitations or muscle tension - symptoms that are in turn stressful. One way out of this vicious circle is biofeedback therapy. ...

ISBN: 978-3-7945-2748-9
60.74 € 60.74 EUR
[ L1145 ] Therapieprogramm für Kinder mit hyperkin.... THOP (German)
They cannot sit still, are unfocused, dreamy and often unpopular with other children. Children with ADHD represent the largest group of children undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment. THOP has proven itself here. Why is THOP so successful? - THOP leads to a differentiated diagnosis, which identifies problem areas, but also reveals the strengths of the child and the family.
84.93 € 84.93 EUR
[ Texte-D ] Exercise Material - Textbooks Lateral Training (without CDs/MP3)
German exercise material for lateral, consisting of:
- Gi-em-aus book
- Bo-im-Eis books
- 28 Lachgeschichten book
- Tobi-Babsi-und-Co book
- Die schönsten Leselöwen book
- Hifino book
- Jabberwocky book
106.91 € 106.91 EUR
[ L1121 ] Third Edition - Biofeedback - Schwartz, Mark S. / Andrasik, Frank
The comprehensive text in this field provides comprehensive scientific insights into biofeedback research, applications, clinical procedures and biomedical instruments. With contributions from leading experts, the volume offers a unique combination of practical know-how and scientific expertise. A wealth of information is presented in an accessible, optimized style that includes helpful glossaries. Detailed protocols are presented to support patients who promote lower physiological excitement and treat a range of specific clinical problems: Headaches, TMJ disorders, Raynaud's disease, essential hypertension, neuromuscular problems, elimination disorders and more.
120.28 € 120.28 EUR
[ 2315-SET ] The most beautiful reading lion stories SET - book+6CDs
The stories in this book with 6 matching audio CDs are as exciting and colorful as the world of reading lions. It is about clever ponies and tricky robbers, about spooky ghosts and monstrous monsters. But also about annoying siblings and eager sportsmen. There is a suitable story for everyone.
131.21 € 131.21 EUR
[ 2307 ] Thompson, Michael + Lynda - The Neurofeedback Book
An introduction to neurofeedback and its implementation in applied psychology - THE key work in the field of neurofeedback application (in English). Written by Dr. Michael and Lynda Thompson from Canada, who have decades of expertise in the treatment of people with ADD/ADHD and other special conditions through their local ADD center... and share it in this book.
132.43 € 132.43 EUR
[ 2366-SET-DE ] ALPHA PLUS, Module 1 - 5
5 sequential volumes with working materials for targeted training with adults (all in one set).
Module 1: From letter to word
Module 2: Everyday topics
Module 3: Texts for advanced learners
Module 4: Exercises for consolidation
Module 5: Concepts, solutions, flash words
241.77 € 241.77 EUR
[ 2074-DE-V6 ] Manual for the extended test procedure according to Warnke (HaPA) - current version (Winfried Scholtz/Fred Warnke/Ralph Warnke)
The comprehensive companion book for all who use the Warnke method in their practice. The manual, delivered in a large A4 folder, describes the test steps of the Warnke test procedure in detail on more than 500 pages. In addition, about 45 different test steps as well as their preparation and follow-up actions are explained, evaluations are described and training recommendations are given. The CDROM included in the scope of delivery contains a comprehensive training center with various tests and pre-recorded instructions - a valuable aid for the test execution.

The manual is supplied as a "loose-leaf collection" and is typically updated every 12-24 months.
241.77 € 241.77 EUR