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HEG Neurofeedback info channel
Here you will find basic information about HEG neurofeedback. This is a procedure for self-regulation. Unlike conventional EEG neurofeedback, which requires a high degree of self-discipline and especially "sitting still" from the trainee, HEG is extremely easy to use, does not require any pre- and post-processing and is easy for the trainee to understand in its feedback effect.
Biofeedback Grundkurs (Aufzeichnung)
Recording of biofeedback / neurofeedback: basic course
Non-drug treatment for ADD, migraines, stress and more.

Biofeedback and neurofeedback are finding growing use in numerous professions as supportive, non-drug treatment and training methods.
After an introduction to the background and development of biofeedback, we will give you the opportunity to experience this method in action.

In this course you will systematically learn the most important applications of biofeedback. Step by step, you will develop the technical foundation and its practical application in your everyday professional life. Pain treatment, migraine training and stress analysis are just some of the fields of application presented.
Two to three participants at a time learn together the optimal sensor placement, analysis steps and the training measures based on them. EEG biofeedback as a form of treatment for ADD / ADHD or depression disorders.

The aim of the course is to provide you with the necessary competence as well as practical confidence and experience to work successfully with biofeedback and neurofeedback in the future.

Webcast - (Neuronales) Bahnen / Nachbahnen: Ein Thema, das allen auf die Nerven geht
Ziel dieses Webcast ist es, für Sie ein grundlegendes Verständnis über die Effekte der Arbeit mit Lateraltrainer, Brain-Boy® und HEG-Neurofeedback zu eröffnen. So können Sie mehr Menschen erreichen und ihnen auch den passenden Hintergrund über ihr zentrales und peripheres Nervensystem und dessen Funktionsweise vermitteln. Damit sind die Verständnisgrundlagen gelegt, warum die oben genannten Geräte so gute Wirkungen zeigen.

Alles fängt mit unserem Gehirn an. Hier arbeiten verschiedene Zentren in faszinierender Weise zusammen, damit wir die Einflüsse und Reize aus der Umwelt so bewerten und verwerten können, wie es für einen gut funktionierenden Alltag geboten ist. Von Glück bis Schmerz prägen unsere Erfahrungen als Erfolge wie als Misserfolge unseren Weg durchs Leben. Passend dazu wird ein kurzer Überblick der maßgeblichen Hirnbereiche gegeben. Es folgt der Blick ins Detail:
• Was macht jede Körperzelle besonders und speziell, was macht ein Neuron zum Neuron?
• Was machen die Nervenzellen überhaupt, wenn sie Reize leiten?
• Was ist überhaupt Lernen?

Lernen werden wir unser ganzes Leben. Lernen darf unbedingt auch Spaß machen, denn dann lernen wir nachhaltiger und leichter. Zur Unterstützung des Lernerfolgs verwenden wir auch die oben genannten technischen Lösungen. Zu vermitteln und weiter kommunizieren zu können, warum diese Hilfsmittel so effektiv funktionieren, ist Kernziel dieser Veranstaltung. Lassen Sie sich in die wunderbare Welt der Nerven und damit in des Gehirns führen...

Kostenfreier Zugang für EGBNV-Mitglieder und Netzwerkpartner der MediTECH.
Biofeedback/Neurofeedback customer channel
This channel is exclusive for all MediTECH customers with a biofeedback/neurofeedback system purchased from us. You will find product documentation, instructions for use, training material and communication aids for your patients and your network.
Biofeedback service contract customer channel
This channel is exclusive for all MediTECH customers with an active biofeedback service contract. Please inform yourself in the area of contracts as well as in our store about the underlying service package of a once again significantly more extensive care and support from us. You will find more than 50 short tutorials / explanatory videos as well as a growing number of publications and therapy models for the optimal implementation of biofeedback and neurofeedback in your practice.
HEG Neurofeedback Online Training (Zertifikatslehrgang)
Our certificate course on HEG neurofeedback for you as an online course program. Open up systematically the possibilities of HEG-Neurofeedback as a simple and convincingly applicable neurofeedback method. Teach your clients the ability to actively concentrate and achieve targeted mental relaxation.
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Webcast - Bio- & Neurofeedback "Treating tinnitus using Biofeedback + Neurofeedback" (German)
How can biofeedback or neurofeedback be used to support the treatment of people with ringing in the ears (tinnitus)? This online seminar provides appropriate background information and insights.
Webcast - Bio- & Neurofeedback "HEG based Neurofeedback" (German)
Our one-hour webcast on "HEG-based neurofeedback" - a safe introduction to smart brain performance training based on HEG (hemoencephalography)
HEG mobile App
The app and sensor for mobile concentration or relaxation training.When the requirement is met, the user sees a film. He hardly notices the training itself.
HEG-Neurofeedback Praxisnahes Neurofeedback-Training bei ADS / ADHS, Migräne, Depressionen und Hochleistungstraining
HEG neurofeedback
Practical neurofeedback training for ADS / ADHS, migraine, depression and high performance training

HEG neurofeedback is particularly suitable for the treatment of children and adults with attention deficit disorder and lack of impulse control, such as ADD / ADHD (attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity). In work and sport, this method can be used in diverse ways to increase mental performance or alleviate depressive moods, to promote concentration and creativity and to develop a trusting and positive basic mood in everyday life. But HEG neurofeedback can also open up an easy and low artefact approach for other issues where the prefrontal cortex is important. HEG neurofeedback is understood as a special form of neurofeedback. With this, neuronal self-regulation can be trained for the benefit of your clients by consciously controlling and influencing the blood flow and metabolism in the brain. The clients are conditioned according to the classical principles of biofeedback.
The decisive advantage of HEG compared to classical neurofeedback sensors is the fast, simple and movement-insensitive application and fixation of the
sensor. In contrast to EEG biofeedback, HEG biofeedback requires virtually no preparation or follow-up time; the application is free of EEG-typical interference and leads to fast conditioning processes that are comprehensible to the client. ADS clients thus learn to control their own attention and concentration in a more targeted way - here new hope is created for the fidgety.
In the course, you will develop analysis steps, on the basis of which - depending on the objective - concrete training plans will be developed and implemented for your client. Another content of the course is to show correlations between HEG training and changes in the EEG as well as in other physiological parameters such as skin conductance, temperature, etc. You will learn concrete action models for ADS. You will get to know concrete action models for ADD / ADHD, high performance training, migraine, depression and more.

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