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AUDECOM smart hearing system comparison [info channel]
AUDECOM - The intelligent hearing comparison: Equipped with an elegantly mounted 5-loudspeaker surround system, AUDECOM allows you to make a direct LIVE comparison between three pairs of hearing aids with high-quality and meaningful audio examples. Your client can switch independently between the hearing impressions of the three hearing systems transmitted to the headphones worn by him in fractions of a second and thus personally convince himself of the benefits of higher quality hearing systems. The system is currently available in the following languages: German, English, French, Dutch
Videos and more...
Publicly available videos of MediTECH for you.
Trainingsvideo on Brain-Boy and Orthofix (German)
Introduction and training guidance for properly using the Brain-Boy and Orthofix as smart brain training
Eyetracking with D-Lab - English [info channel]
Information and documents about the Ergoneers eye tracking system, the corresponding DLAB evaluation and analysis software as well as the possibility of integration and synchronization especially of physiological data (like EMG, HEG, skin conductance, temperature, respiration, pulse etc.)
MYONYX - EMG and Electro-stimulation info channel
State-of-the-art EMG and electrostimulation system - usable via app or with BioGraph Infiniti
Orthofix - Sichere Rechtschreibung trainieren
Hier finden Sie Informationen und Tutorials rund um unser Produkt Orthofix - Training des visuellen Buchstabierens für eine sichere und automatisierte Rechtschreibung

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