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During this presentation we are looking at Biofeedback and Neurofeedback in particular. What is our starting point and where do we find supportive solutions and training possibilites to work on a diagnosis like ADD/ADHD or a migraine?
In connection to this question we are looking at what Biofeedback has to offer for us and what Biofeedback actually is. The presentation will show different types of Biofeedback, the principle behind Biofeedback, practical implementations and so much more.
We will learn about HRV-Training, Neurofeedback and we are comparing HEG and EEG Neurofeedback side by side. From there we will move to the benefits of Neurofeedback-Training and then look at the definition of HEG Neurofeedback-Training with NIRS.
The measurable effects of the HEG Neurofeedback-Training will be shown, followed by areas of application for this training method. We will talk about the HEG operating principle and the prefrontal cortex oft he human brain before jumping into the next input part that is looking at diagnosis like ADD/ADHD and Migraine and how to potentially work with solutions like ours to tackle them. We will also take the time to talk about factors like peak performance traning.
We will also jump into the Body and Mind-App solution for HEG Neurofeedback on a few key occasions to present what can be seen as a training via app as a home solution, too and we will talk about technical requirements for all of these presented possibilities aswell.
HEG Mobile App | Body & Mind App Info Channel (public)
The app and sensor for mobile concentration or relaxation training.
When the requirement is met, the user sees a film. He hardly notices the training itself.
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