[ Texte-D ] Übungsmaterial - Textbücher Lateraltraining (ohne CDs/MP3)
88.00 € 88.00 € 88.0 EUR
German exercise material for lateral, consisting of:
- Gi-em-aus book
- Bo-im-Eis books
- 28 Lachgeschichten book
- Tobi-Babsi-und-Co book
- Die schönsten Leselöwen book
- Hifino book
- Jabberwocky book
[ 2386 ] Tail unit to balancing rod
5.80 € 5.80 € 5.8 EUR
Tail unit to balancing rod
[ 2366-SET-DE ] ALPHA PLUS, Module 1 - 5
199.00 € 199.00 € 199.0 EUR
Alle 5 Module in einem Set.
Modul 1: vom Buchstaben zum Wort
Modul 2: Themen aus dem Alltag
Modul 3:Texte für Fortgeschrittene
Modul 4: Übungen zur Vertiefung
Modul 5: Konzepte, Lösungen, Blitzwörter
[ L1162 ] Musik im Kopf - Manfred Spitzer
19.90 € 19.90 € 19.900000000000002 EUR
Why do people make music? What is music anyway? How does music affect us? What happens in the brain when we hear, make or understand music? What is talent? What should a concert hall look like? Why is it so difficult to understand opera singers? Why are there love songs and lullabies? What is music therapy? Why do men sing in the bathtub? Manfred Spitzer seeks the answers to such questions where music "actually" takes place: in the head, i.e. in the neuronal network of our brain. ...
[ L1143 ] Lehrbuch der Entwicklungspsychologie, Band 1
29.90 € 29.90 € 29.900000000000002 EUR
This volume describes the subject and tasks of developmental psychology, presents basic characteristics of developmental events and the control of developmental processes. Finally, methodological problems and the survey methods of developmental psychology are discussed.
[ L1142 ] Lehrbuch der Entwicklungspsychologie, Band 2
36.90 € 36.90 € 36.9 EUR
This volume deals in detail with the characteristics and tasks of developmental theories and presents biogenetic, psychoanalytic, cognitive and S-R theories of development. In a section on the findings of developmental psychology,...
[ L1140 ] Visualisieren, präsentieren, moderieren - J. W. Seifert
15.90 € 15.90 € 15.9 EUR
Visualization, presentation and moderation are working techniques that play an increasingly important role in everyday work. This was true in 1989, when this book was first published, and it is true today. Since the first edition, Josef W. Seifert has revised the book several times and has now also renewed the graphics and illustrations for the 30th edition, so that it is once again up to date both in terms of content and design.
The reader learns how to visualize facts skilfully, prepare presentations correctly and conduct them confidently, make meetings more effective, moderate teams and groups in a result-oriented manner, and design workshops successfully.
[ L1135 ] Lauter starke Jungen, Rogge/Mähler
9.90 € 9.90 € 9.9 EUR
The standard work on the subject of raising boys!
How do you educate a boy today to become a self-confident and strong personality? This book describes the situation, examines the background and gives advice for a modern boy education at the beginning of the 21st century. The old patterns, according to which boys have to be strong, body-oriented, space-consuming, dominant, no longer apply - but what takes the place of these norms? For example, what kind of conflicts would a boy who shows feelings and "soft sides" get into, where the strongest or coolest still has the say? The book helps parents and educators to orientate themselves in the variety of conflicting role models and norms. It is both a description of the state of affairs and a guide.
[ 2298 ] Orthographieerwerb
45.50 € 45.50 € 45.5 EUR
Are explicit spelling rules the cognitive basis of our writing? Probably not. Rather, we must assume that mental structures are built up which form the basis of spelling competence. How these structures can look like and how they develop is the central question of the book. Moreover, the extensive error-analytical investigation has also made it possible - for the first time in German-language research - to demonstrate different types of learners in terms of cognitive representation and access to orthographic knowledge: one generalizing and one lexical type of speller. Furthermore, a new qualitative analysis tool for spelling errors in the acquisition process is presented.
[ 2282 ] Motopädagogik
22.50 € 22.50 € 22.5 EUR
The author has succeeded in presenting theory and practice as a complementary, inseparable unit and in making the urgent necessity of early childhood psychomotoric overall personality development accessible not only to the technically versed reader but also to the layperson.
[ 2266 ] Störungen der Sprachentwicklung
29.90 € 29.90 € 29.900000000000002 EUR
The book offers an overview of the description, explanation, diagnosis, therapy and prevention of speech development disorders.
[ 2047 ] Kognitive Strategien und Leseleistung
25.50 € 25.50 € 25.5 EUR
The common standardized procedures for the examination of reading difficulties (dyslexia, dyslexia) can contribute to a large extent to the differentiation of problematic reading. However, most of the approaches, which focus mainly on partial performance deficits, cannot be integrated into an overall picture of the affected reading process and ultimately only ever examine partial aspects of the problematic reading process. Or, at the other extreme, conventional reading texts adapted to the age group are used for the qualification of reading performance. Following the attention- and strategy-oriented approach to researching reading difficulties, this thesis examines the diagnostic and therapeutic relevance of the use of artificial, speech-anximated texts as stimulus material in dyslexic children.
[ 2041 ] Praxishandbuch Biofeedback und Neurofeedback
44.90 € 44.90 € 44.9 EUR
This practice book shows the treatment options for mental illnesses and illnesses caused by stress with the help of biofeedback and neurofeedback. Using measuring devices and special software, patients learn to directly influence mindfulness and their complaints. The self-regulation of autonomous bodily functions, such as blood pressure, muscle tension and respiration, can be achieved by training with this method even without the use of equipment.
[ S113-GB ] Tagebuch: Hörtraining (English)
1.00 € 1.00 € 1.0 EUR
Hearing exercise
[ 2291 ] Lese-Rechtschreib-Schwierigkeiten, Nicole Ramacher-Faasen
22.00 € 22.00 € 22.0 EUR
This book explains the phenomenon of dyslexia and spelling difficulties and describes in a clear, practical way the diagnosis and criteria for promotion. It takes into account the difficult learning situation of affected children and provides help in coping with it. The author knows about the fears and self-esteem problems of affected children, knows the unwillingness and demotivation. She has experienced with what eagerness these children also approach reading and writing, find joy in it and successfully reduce their difficulties if they are helped in a qualified way.
[ 2295 ] Rechenschwächen erkennen und behandeln, Ingeborg Milz
25.50 € 25.50 € 25.5 EUR
Obviously, this form of learning disorder is on the rise and so is the helplessness to face it. Under neuro-pedagogical understanding, it is a matter of assessing and "tackling" the child's learning problems (here in connection with arithmetic lessons) from different angles.
[ 2297 ] Hirntraining mit ganzheitlichem Ansatz, Ursula Oppolzer
20.40 € 20.40 € 20.400000000000002 EUR
Basics, suggestions and training material for group leaders and lecturers.
[ 2236-PL ] Tekst introligator "Kers a lig" - Gi-em-Aus-Textbuch
18.00 € 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
Tekst introligator "Kers a lig" - Gi em Aus Textbuch
[ 2237 ] Interdisziplinäres Lehrbuch zur Behandlung von Lern- und Leseschwierigkeiten - Dr. med. D. Safra
28.90 € 28.90 € 28.900000000000002 EUR
The book closes a gap that has long existed - the lack of cause-specific, systematically presented treatment instructions for learning and reading difficulties in interdisciplinary cooperation. Although it has been known for several years that learning and reading difficulties have different causes, each requiring its own treatment, it is still widely believed that there are only effective and ineffective treatment methods, whatever the cause of the disability. The book contains a general overview of the problem and detailed diagnosis and treatment instructions in five specialties that deal with learning and reading difficulties: Sensory Integration Treatment, Perception-Oriented Treatment, Speech-Oriented Treatment and Orthoptic Treatment.
[ 2259-PL ] Geschichtengenerator (Polnisch)
40.00 € 40.00 € 40.0 EUR
Pfiffige Klappentextlösung für 256 Milliarden Varianten an Kurzgeschichten zur Förderung der Phantasie und der Lesekompetenz. Einsetzbar mit und ohne Lateral-Trainer. Sprache: Polnisch