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[ 2366-SET-DE ] ALPHA PLUS, Module 1 - 5
258.69 € 258.69 € 258.69 EUR
5 sequential volumes with working materials for targeted training with adults (all in one set).
Module 1: From letter to word
Module 2: Everyday topics
Module 3: Texts for advanced learners
Module 4: Exercises for consolidation
Module 5: Concepts, solutions, flash words
[ 2131-SET ] Das Warnke-Verfahren, Volume 1+2 in set
32.50 € 32.50 € 32.5 EUR
In addition to an extensive test battery for school, learning and concentration deficits, the Warnke method also offers a scientifically sound and powerful training instrument. In combination with motor skills, neurofeedback and pedagogy, practitioners are able to expand their activities, help clients with new methods and thus win new client groups.
[ 2246 ] Articulation CD (German)
23.40 € 23.40 € 23.400000000000002 EUR
Automation through synchronous speech.

ISBN: 3-9326-59-17-1
[ 2074-DE-V6 ] Manual for the extended test procedure according to Warnke (HaPA) - current version (Winfried Scholtz/Fred Warnke/Ralph Warnke)
258.69 € 258.69 € 258.69 EUR
The comprehensive companion book for all who use the Warnke method in their practice. The manual, delivered in a large A4 folder, describes the test steps of the Warnke test procedure in detail on more than 500 pages. In addition, about 45 different test steps as well as their preparation and follow-up actions are explained, evaluations are described and training recommendations are given. The CDROM included in the scope of delivery contains a comprehensive training center with various tests and pre-recorded instructions - a valuable aid for the test execution.

The manual is supplied as a "loose-leaf collection" and is typically updated every 12-24 months.
[ SD-MP3-GB_mB ] Exercise material English MP3 with books (set for SD card)
201.94 € 201.94 € 201.94 EUR
MP3 audio files integrated on internal SD card of your Audio4LAB: Bo-im-Eis, Tobi-Babsi-and-Co, Mein-Freund-der-Hifino - (recorded in English) including the corresponding textbooks with the same wording.
[ SD-MP3-DE ] Exercise material German MP3+textbooks (set for internal SD card)
427.70 € 427.70 € 427.7 EUR
MP3 files German as exercise material for lateral training (on internal SD card)
[ 10048-DE ] MP3 - audio files for lateral training incl. books (German language)
427.70 € 427.70 € 427.7 EUR
German language audio files on USB stick:
- Gi em Off (meaningless texts I)
- Bo and his friends
- 28 laughter stories
- Babsi, Tobi & Co.
- Reading Lion Stories
- My friend the Hifino
- Jabberwocky (meaningless texts II)
- Articulation training
- Multi-track thinking
[ 8013-GB ] Bo and friends - book (English version)
24.44 € 24.44 € 24.44 EUR
Bo and friends - six short stories about little Bo and his friends - textbook. Corresponding CD recorded in dummyhead stereophony for optimal auditory lateral training is available separately.
[ 8015-SET-GB-CD ] "My friend Hifino" Englisch SET: 2CDs+textbook
65.00 € 65.00 € 65.0 EUR
Recorded in dummyhead stereophony for realistic 3D auditory perception, optimal for auditory lateral training. Six stories about little Hifino who is making the world a better place, using the powers of his magic set of headphones - package consists of 2 CDs. Corresponding textbook with identical wording included in this set.
[ AlphaTH-Set02 ] AlphaTrainer Home Training Set complete incl. training material (CDs and books)
2,182.81 € 2,182.81 € 2182.81 EUR
AlphaTrainer Home Training Set incl. exercise material (consisting of 6 different sets of identical books and (several) CDs). This Alpha-Trainer-Set contains the AUDIO4LAB Lateraltrainer with power supply and USB cable, the necessary cable set including CD player, a headset (headphone-microphone combination), a MT-70 headset, a microphone MT-DS-50, special LCD glasses.
[ 10037 ] Exercise material for home lateral training (German language)g)
324.99 € 324.99 € 324.99 EUR
German exercise material for lateral training at home, consisting of:
- Gi-em-aus sinnfreie Lesetexte (CD + Text book)
- Bo-im-Eis (CD + Text book)
- 28 Lachgeschichten (2CDs + Text book)
- Tobi/Babsi & Co. (3CDs + Text book)
- Die schönsten Leselöwengeschichten (6CDs + Text book)
- Mein Freund der Hifino (2CDs + Text book)
[ 2319-DE-CD ] Babsi, Tobi und Co. - CDs (german)
61.62 € 61.62 € 61.620000000000005 EUR
What mice can do and what they do, one should not think possible. Playing basketball is still the most harmless!
In 21 child-oriented, lovingly told stories, young and old listeners alike quickly make friends with the main characters Babsi, Tobi and Felix and other characters. Many stories from life on 3 CD's.
[ 8013-DE ] Book "Bo und seine Freunde" (German)
24.44 € 24.44 € 24.44 EUR
Experience 6 great stories with Bo and his friends.

ISBN: 3-932659-03-1
[ 8015-SET-PL-CD ] My friend the Hifino (book + 2 CDs) POLISH
84.56 € 84.56 € 84.56 EUR
Book and 2 CDs "My friend, the Hifino: 6 exciting and with message provided stories of the friendly and helpful Hifino. Recorded in artificial head sterophony, primarily recorded on the right side for optimal use in lateral hearing training according to Warnke.
[ 8011-SET ] CD "Relax with the Classics" Set, Volume 1 bis 4
85.16 € 85.16 € 85.16 EUR
CD "Relax with the Classics" Set, Volume 1 bis 4
[ 2045 ] "Weltwissen der siebenjährigen" 2 CD's (German)
32.37 € 32.37 € 32.37 EUR
With her bestseller, which has sold over 120,000 copies, Donata Elschenbroich has given new impetus to the debate on education. Now it is finally available as an audio book in a staged reading. What should a child have experienced, be able to do, know in its first seven years of life? What should it at least have come into contact with? The curiosity, the desire to explore and the openness for new experiences, for "world knowledge" in a comprehensive sense, is never greater than during this time. Donata Elschenbroich, in conversation with people from all walks of life, has designed a wish list for "world knowledge" that encompasses practical, social, motor skills as well as cognitive and aesthetic abilities. It is not about a checklist of skills to be tested, but rather about a new, open canon of educational experiences that prepare children for life in a changed world.