[ PC-PRO-11 ] MediTECH Computer MT-PRO-11


Stationary computer according to the specifications below based on availability at the time of your request (subject to sale). The system will be procured/built for you to current market specifications. We ensure for you that the selected system fully meets the requirements for your application: Biofeedback|Neurofeedback | MediBalance PRO | Learning support/Speech training
Included in each system for you:
* Microsoft Windows
* Current powerful processor | Mainboard (AMD or Intel brand chip)
* Random access memory (RAM): 12-16 GB
* Hard disk drive (HDD): At least 1 terabyte capacity
* Branded graphics card with at least 4 GB dedicated graphics card memory
* LAN capacity
* Keyboard and mouse (standard: wired, optional: wireless)
* Microsoft Office Professional version

* 24" or 27" monitors (recommended: 2).

Additionally recommended (please add!):
* Start Ready Service Package: We update your computer with all Windows/Microsoft updates. The software solutions you purchased from us in parallel will be fully installed and set up and prepared and tested in the best possible way for use in your company.

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