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The goal of this suite is to facilitate neurofeedback training after some form of EEG assessment, like full cap QEEG (NeuroGuide, HBI-Mitsar, SKIL, Loreta, etc.), mini-Qs (TLC assessment, QuickQ, DCN128, etc.), or symptom based assessments such as the Brownback-Mason CNC-1020. A judicious use of user-defined bands allows you to integrate the target EEG data gathered from the assessment into the software and to instantaneously create numerous training protocols tailored to the client. This approach addresses a wide range of conditions and disorders. In the Integrated Neurofeedback Suite most screens use multiple bands from 2 channels, combined in one main bar graph. This, paired with the detailed on-screen instructions, greatly simplifies the work for the clinician and for the client. The training screens clearly display trends in real time during the recording. Also, new review screens make the tracking of progress easier than ever. Finally, the very innovative and unique Protocol Selector screens speed-up review time and helps selecting the next protocol by comparing the one just used to other potential protocols.

BFE Limited Edition suites require the use of the latest version of BioGraph Infiniti software and Thought Technology Infiniti hardware.

THIS SOFTWARE IS DELIVERED BY DIRECT DOWNLOAD and may take up to 30 minutes depending on your internet connection. Software can be downloaded immediately as you complete your purchase by clicking on the green DOWNLOAD button. Alternately, you can log back into your account at any time during the next 7 days to complete the download. After downloading the software you must run the .exe file to install it on your computer.

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