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[ 6825-V03 ] WWTT 3.x - Test and Training Software Version multilingual (USB-Stick)
Analysis and training software for perception selectivity / sound differentiation

This article covers the license for ONE language. With the test function of the computer program WWTT, an objective perceptual discriminatory test is possible even at pre-school age. The client hears the six plosive sounds in combination with a vowel (ba, da, ga, ...) in a random order with 10 occurrences each and repeats them as quickly as possible into a microphone. The test leader documents errors via the computer keyboard. Correctness and speed are taken into account in the evaluation.
Already since version 2.0 the abbreviation WWTT as Wedemärker Wahrnehmungs-Trennschärfe-Test rightly carries the addition "and Trainer". The program has an extensive training function, which has been significantly expanded since version 3.1.
107.06 € 107.06 EUR
[ 6806 ] "Prepare dictations in a playful way" learning program (CD German)
Spelling Success at Home AND at School - "Prepare Dictations Playfully" brings the classroom home. In small steps, you prepare your child more and more to become classroom survivor. Classroom noise, adjustable in volume, can be heard in the background of the dictation exercise. The teacher's voice, which can be heard through headphones, wanders noticeably - as it often does in everyday school life. How long the child has to write and how often each partial sentence is repeated can all be set in the program with increasing difficulty. This is how children learn to be successful in everyday school life.

ISBN 978-3-932659-08-9
81.94 € 81.94 EUR
[ 6815 ] AUTRIS 2 computer audio game for the enhancement of auditory perception
AUTRIS-2 is a new, challenging computer game for the improvement of language competence. This game is based on a psycho-acoustic concept. However, AUTRIS-2 is more aimed at improving listening, speaking and speaking skills. Depending on the age and training status of the user, 50 different levels of difficulty can be selected. Training with AUTRIS-2 is therefore suitable for every user, especially for the improvement of the most essential sub-functions of the central automation skills. Improvement of: Attention, differentiation, selection, direction determination, pattern recognition, pitch discrimination
53.53 € 53.53 EUR
[ 6825-V03d ] WWTT 3.x - Test and Training Software Version multilingual (DOWNLOAD)
Download version of WWTT 3.x (without data carrier)
Perceptual selectivity test to detect and improve sound discrimination in noise
Recommended accessories: Headset MT-HS-801 (7977)
107.06 € 107.06 EUR
[ 6821 ] AES - Articulation Evaluation Software
Determination of articulation status as early as kindergarten and preschool age. Training and improving pronunciation skills to support the reading and writing acquisition process. ISBN 978-3-932659-34-8
216.31 € 216.31 EUR
[ 2040-Set ] Perceptual discrimination set (WTT/WWTT)
2 Phoneme discrimination tests set for testing speech comprehension in noise
Consist of:
- Phoneme Discrimination Test (PDT)
- WPDT (Wedemark Phoneme Discrimination Test (computer program)
- MT-HS-801 headset solution
382.36 € 382.36 EUR