[ BF-SET3 ] Biofeedback Profi-Ausstattung


Set consisting of:

[8570] ProComp INFINITI (8-channel system)
[8565] TT-USB interface adapter for ProComp systems
[8566-USB] BioGraph Infiniti Software Solution (on USB stick)
[PHYSIO-PI] PHYSIO module for ProComp Infiniti / BioGraph Infiniti
[8503] Skin Conductance Sensor (SCL, EDA)
[8504] Skin temperature (Temp. sensor)
[8505B] Respiratory activity (respiration sensor), type B
[8534] Blood volume pulse sensor (BVP)
[8507] Muscle activity (MyoScan Pro EMG sensor)
[8549] EMG/EKG extender cable (button connections - 40 cm)
[8787] 3-ST3-P Triple electrode pre-gelled (triodes) - 100 pieces
[8737] 3SG3-N Single electrode pre-gelled (pack of 150)

Instructions for use BioGraph Infiniti
Instructions for use ProComp Infiniti

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