This suite was designed by Lothar Niepoth, the president of the German Biofeedback Society. This application enables clinicians to help clients suffering from sleep disorders with a direct and simple format.

The training is divided into two different protocols, depending on the needs of the individual
- Facial and shoulder muscle relaxation protocol (uses 3 MyoScan Pro sensors to measure muscle tension; with optional additional sensors for respiration, temperature, skin conductance and heart rate/blood volume pulse)
- EEG training for calming the mind (uses one EEG Z-sensor, with 2 secondary MyoScan Pro sensors)

The software is designed for use with the ProComp Infiniti and ProComp5 Infiniti encoders. The software manual contains descriptions of all necessary steps of connection and recording as well as sensor application (physiology & EEG), navigating the software to initiate the desired recording session, performing an impedance check, how to train clients and review their data. Clinical information for the client request is directly included in the software manual.

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