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About Tinnitus

Nicolas Kaag

Dear all,

I'm proud to ask the first question in this forum :)

Sorry for my english, I'm a french user of A4L, 

I would like more information about Tinnitus on Audio4Lab, I can see it on the welcome screen but it is locked so I suppose it is an extension I have to buy. How much does it cost ?

I'm really interrested about it. Someone is using it ? How it is working ? Does it need an additionnal device ? Cost ? Software on computer or everything on A4L ?

Does it need a training ? Webinar ? English or German only ?

Many thanks in advance to answer to all these questions !


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Admin MediTECH
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Hi Nico, thank you for your post and your interest in our Tinnicur tinnitus solution.

There actually are two different solutions available in the AUDIO4LAB system: One for professionals and one as a home trainer for clients. The general concept behind the tinnicur tinnitis training is that tinnitus is a sort of phantom noise, artificially generated inside the brain. The first measure is through acoustically reproduce that signal. This is done by adjusting frequency, bandwidth, volume and balance. A routine that should be done within 3 to 5 minutes.

Based on those findings, a specific acoustical brain training is being conducted. The client listens to preferably classical music with the high range of frequencies signals. Particularly Mozart's string quartet's are very suitable. But you can even use modern rock or Simon and Garfunkel as you like. From time to time the signal is being modulated by the system to strongly enhance the acoustic feedback at the tinnitus frequency range based on the original findings of the signal. This way the tinnitus is not merely being masked but the brain is getting constant stimulation from the ear, toggling between a broad and general signal and an intense stimulation at the tinnitus frequency range.

Clients typically take home a home trainer version of the AUDIO4LAB TINNICUR module. This way they can train roughly an hour per day, listening to the acoustic stimulation whenever it suits them i.g. while reading the newspaper, while trying to go to sleep etc. they come back to the professional every few weeks to recheck the tinnitus signal and to receive a new tinnitus definition for their home trainer through the professional unit. As for cost: The professional module currently is availabe at 1.990 Euro plus taxes. For owners of an AUDIO4LAB unit the license extension is -500 Euro = 1.490 Euro plus taxes. The Tinnitus Home Trainer is available at 999 Euro. Fur current prices when reviewing this article please check our online shop.