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What are the technical requirements for my new biofeedback computer?

Please can You give me information wich are the computer requirements for your BioGraph Infiniti and ProComp equipment? 

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Ralph Warnke
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Please check our list of recommendations (I advise to go for the advanced and not for the minimal requirements:

These aspects are important to me:

- 256 SSD usually turns out to be too small. Windows etc. will take up more than 50% of that already. As you continue working the system, the harddrive will end up being too full. Either take an SSD at 512 GB or greater or settle for a regular HDD at 1TB and up.

- Graphic card: Rather NVIDIA than AMD in my book. Onboard RAM at 4 GB is good.

- I recommend a NON-GLARE monitor (could not identify that in your quotations

- Computer RAM at 8 GB is good for Windows 10 and too little for windows 8.

- I recommend the WINDOWS 10 PRO version.

That should be the most important aspects.