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Our company is highly committed and networked in terms of research and innovation. It is important for us to make our good and successful solutions even better and to be able to demonstrate time and again what can be achieved by using our solutions. In doing so, we make an unusually high use of resources for research and development with well-known partners at home and abroad, which is unusual for an SME of our size. Our research projects are often funded within the framework of national or international projects. Below you will find an overview of research results and publications on the most important topics:

Below you will find an overview of research results and publications on the most important topics:

Learning enhancement  Adult primary education  auditory processing / listening comprehension  Tinnitus  Bio-/Neurofeedback   MediBalancePro

Research Area Learning Enhancement - Children and Youth

Brain and Mind - Publication on the Warnke Process

Brief description of the Warnke process and its backgrounds

Central automation disturbances as a cause of learning problems

Information about the efficacy study on the Warnke procedure


Effectiveness of the Warnke method for promotion (learning problems)


The Warnke method - processing of sensory stimuli in LRS


Use of the Brain-Boy and the lateral trainer according to Warnke

Normalization and training of six basal auditory central functions


Automation disorders as a cause of learning problems

Research area adult primary education

AlphaPlusJob Job-related literacy

from: ALFA-FORUM 85 (Spring 2014) - Journal of the German Federal Association for Literacy and Basic Education.

Technically assisted literacy and basic education

from: ALFA-FORUM 88 (Fall 2015) - Journal of the German Federal Association for Literacy and Basic Education e.V.


What helps illiterate people

Bild der Wissenschaft 12-2011 Holes-Bolz


AlphaPlus JOB

A guide

English-language publications:

Ruessler 2012 KreativBildung

AlphaPlus Ein innovatives Schulungsprogramm



Evaluierung eines neuen Trainingsprogramms zur Verbesserung der Lese- und Arbeitsfähigkeiten von funktionalen Analphabeten


Kostka Rostock 2009

Hearing perception training (HWT) using automated test battery to improve cognitive and central auditory processing in adult hearing impaired individuals.


Study with adult subjectsKostka 

Katerji 2005 
Low-level functions in adults

Changes in low-level functions in adulthood and their relationships with peripheral auditory perception and various cognitive functions.

QUBIC Praxis 


Research area TINNITUS

Procedure description and statistical observations

by Dr. C. Nobis (HNO-Arzt)

Therapy with the Warnke method

from: Tinnitus Forum (2-2008)
by W. Scholtz

Research area Bio- and Neurofeedback

HEG Info

In German and English

HemoEncephaloGraphy (HEG) Practical access to novel neurofeedback training

by Christel Kannegießer-Leitner and Ralph Warnke

Hemoencephalography - A Practical Approach to Neurofeedback Training

pub: NeuroConnections (summer 2013) 

in English

Bewertung der präfrontalen Aktivierung und ihrer Beziehung zu kognitiven und emotionalen Prozessen mittels Hämoenzephalographie (HEG) 

pub: Journal of Neurotherapy (2012) 

in English

Emerging brain-based interventions for children and adolescents: Overview and clinical perspective 

in English