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HEG Neurofeedback Online Training (Zertifikatslehrgang)
Our certificate course on HEG neurofeedback for you as an online course program. Open up systematically the possibilities of HEG-Neurofeedback as a simple and convincingly applicable neurofeedback method. Teach your clients the ability to actively concentrate and achieve targeted mental relaxation.
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Lernfördertrainer Online-Qualifikation
This exceptional learning trainer training offers a solid mix of well-founded background knowledge and concrete support possibilities, especially for people with LRS, dyscalculia, ADS/ADHS, asperger's, trisomy-21 or problems in the areas of perception, attention and hearing comprehension. The Warnke test procedure with a total of 14 test steps provides the basis for the diagnosis and the development of the training plan based on it. Technically supported solutions such as low-level training with Brain-Boy or Audio-Trainer are just as much a part of the training as lateral training as special brain performance training. The core heading of the quailfication is automation training in all important modalities - hearing, seeing and moving are equally included and trained.
Warnke-Verfahren 2nd level course (German)
Warnke method 2nd level course as complete recording of our online qualification
Trainingsvideo on Brain-Boy and Orthofix (German)
Introduction and training guidance for properly using the Brain-Boy and Orthofix as smart brain training
Webcast - Bio- & Neurofeedback "Treating tinnitus using Biofeedback + Neurofeedback" (German)
How can biofeedback or neurofeedback be used to support the treatment of people with ringing in the ears (tinnitus)? This online seminar provides appropriate background information and insights.
Webcast - Bio- & Neurofeedback "relaxation" (German)
Webcast on "Biofeedback and Neurofeedback - Relaxation training". How do you best use biofeedback and neurofeedback for relaxation and stress management for the benefit of your clients? This one-hour webcast will provide you with important insights.
Webcast - Bio- & Neurofeedback "HEG based Neurofeedback" (German)
Our one-hour webcast on "HEG-based neurofeedback" - a safe introduction to smart brain performance training based on HEG (hemoencephalography)
Webcast - Bio- & Neurofeedback "heartrate variability (HRV)" (German)
Einstündiger Webcast als Einführung in das Thema Herzratenvariabilität (HRV) (GERMAN)
Warnke method level one course (German)
Warnke method - basic course
Improve auditory perception, speech and spelling through causal training.

To promote speech and language understanding at any age is the main objective of the Warnke® method. This begins with the acquisition of language in children, includes the promotion of the written language (reading and writing) and ends with the support of secure language understanding in adulthood.
Difficulties in understanding language are constantly increasing. This applies equally to children and adults. Despite good hearing, there is often a lack of confident understanding. Hearing tests usually give no result. This course gives you a highly topical overview of the background and causes.
With the Warnke® testing procedure you first determine the current state of speech processing of your respective client. The Warnke® method offers a concrete and customized training option for each result. The effectiveness of the Warnke® method has been scientifically proven repeatedly, among other things, by studies of the Medical University of Hannover.
The course provides immediately usable knowledge about language and perception by means of true-to-life practical examples and exercises. All participants experience the entire Warnke® test procedure as well as the systematic training possibilities of the procedure. Other approaches as well as the integration into their daily work will be explained and discussed appropriately.
Online-Seminar Der entstresste Patient - Dr. Ingrid Pirker-Binder
Einstündiges Online-Seminar zum erfolgreichen Umgang mit Stress einschließlich der Nutzung von Biofeedback als Instrument der Entspannungsförderung.
ZRM-Das Züricher Ressourcen Modell
Selbstmanagement mit dem Zürcher Ressourcen Modell (ZRM®) ist eine Methode zur gezielten Entwicklung von Handlungspotentialen. Die ZRM®-Trainingsmethode beruht auf neuesten neurobiologischen Erkenntnissen zum menschlichen Lernen und empirisch abgesicherten motivationspsychologischen Theorien. Neben mental-verstandesmäßigen Aspekten nehmen im Training unbewusst-emotionale und physisch-körperliche Aspekte eine zentrale Stellung ein.
Das ZRM® wird in 3 großen Themenbereichen angewendet:

- wenn Menschen herausfinden wollen, was sie wirklich wollen.
- wenn Menschen etwas machen wollen, dies aber nicht so klappt, wie sie es sich vorstellen.
- Wenn man ein Ziel erreicht hat, dann aber feststellt, „das ist es nicht“!

Sie stärken mit dem ZRM Training Ihre Selbststeuerungskompetenz und Selbstwirksamkeit. Sie lernen, wie Sie Ihre Entscheidungssysteme synchronisieren, Ihre Willenskraft stärken und Ihre Ziele nachhaltig realisieren können.
HEG-Neurofeedback Praxisnahes Neurofeedback-Training bei ADS / ADHS, Migräne, Depressionen und Hochleistungstraining
HEG neurofeedback
Practical neurofeedback training for ADS / ADHS, migraine, depression and high performance training

HEG neurofeedback is particularly suitable for the treatment of children and adults with attention deficit disorder and lack of impulse control, such as ADD / ADHD (attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity). In work and sport, this method can be used in diverse ways to increase mental performance or alleviate depressive moods, to promote concentration and creativity and to develop a trusting and positive basic mood in everyday life. But HEG neurofeedback can also open up an easy and low artefact approach for other issues where the prefrontal cortex is important. HEG neurofeedback is understood as a special form of neurofeedback. With this, neuronal self-regulation can be trained for the benefit of your clients by consciously controlling and influencing the blood flow and metabolism in the brain. The clients are conditioned according to the classical principles of biofeedback.
The decisive advantage of HEG compared to classical neurofeedback sensors is the fast, simple and movement-insensitive application and fixation of the
sensor. In contrast to EEG biofeedback, HEG biofeedback requires virtually no preparation or follow-up time; the application is free of EEG-typical interference and leads to fast conditioning processes that are comprehensible to the client. ADS clients thus learn to control their own attention and concentration in a more targeted way - here new hope is created for the fidgety.
In the course, you will develop analysis steps, on the basis of which - depending on the objective - concrete training plans will be developed and implemented for your client. Another content of the course is to show correlations between HEG training and changes in the EEG as well as in other physiological parameters such as skin conductance, temperature, etc. You will learn concrete action models for ADS. You will get to know concrete action models for ADD / ADHD, high performance training, migraine, depression and more.

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