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[ 6827-Download ] Orthofix - Single user license (download version)
97.51 € 97.51 € 97.51 EUR
Orthofix - License (download version without data carrier) for German or English for training visual spelling. Each language can be easily activated and installed on a single computer. You can download the program conveniently at http://download.meditech.de (Learning Support).

Please note the system requirements for our Windows - happens learning program. You can find them at www.pc.meditech.de under System Requirements -> mediTECH - Learning Programs
[ 2217-DE-SET ] Brain-Boy, Orthofix and training video
422.50 € 422.50 € 422.5 EUR
Increase your child's chances of success in school, promote your child in a targeted manner for everyday school life and declare war on dyslexia! Our Fit for School program supports you in these challenges. Set consisting of Brain-Boy, CD Orthofix, CD training video.
*** Regular price: 345€ ***
[ 9007 ] Pulsoxymeter single sensor type CMS-50D
82.80 € 82.80 € 82.8 EUR
With integrated SpO2 sensor and Dispay processing module; compact; light weight; easy to transport; easy to use; low power consumption; display of oxygen saturation in blood; display of pulse rate as bar graph; display of pulse rate in waveform; display mode can be freely selected; screen brightness can be individually adjusted; battery level indicator: a low battery level is displayed before possible malfunctions occur due to insufficient power supply; automatic power-off function: switches off automatically after 5 seconds in the measurement screen if the finger no longer has contact with the sensor. The display format can be saved after switching off.
[ 8814 ] Rating Box Sensor
418.81 € 418.81 € 418.81 EUR
The Rating Box Sensor allows you to directly accumulate subjective perceptions and decisions of a client while measuring his physiological data. For example, Yes-/No questions may be answered using the sensor or current emotions (i.e.. feelings of anxiety or joy can be defined on a scale of your choosing (0-10, -5 to +5,...) - all done in parallel to assessing the physiological data (such as skin conductance, pulse, EMG, HEG, EEG, ...). This sensor can be recognized as "any sensor" within the Infiniti system and can connect to any of the existing Infiniti encoders. A channel set and sample screens are included.
[ 2380ALU ] Balancierstab Aluminium
36.40 € 36.40 € 36.4 EUR
Balancierstab zur Auge-Hand-Koordination (aus Aluminium)
[ 2372 ] Fühlmatz - set of bags as a feeling memory
47.97 € 47.97 € 47.97 EUR
- The Fühlmatz consists of 12 identical fabric bags + promotes tactile perception.
- 12 bags - 6 different contents total weight: 800g
- for tactile perception simple game rules high challenge character
- suitable for logopedic + ergotherapeutic therapy and for integrative institutions
- can be played together with the Rasselmatz (not included)
[ NN01 ] Kreiselino wooden game
26.23 € 26.23 € 26.23 EUR
DISCOUNT - Secure 25% discount now, deduction is automatic in the shopping cart.

Small or big - a game with circles, colors and shapes. 5 colors and 5 different sizes are to be put in the right place in different templates.