[ NWP-01 ] network partnership
250.00 € 250.00 € 250.0 EUR
MediTECH's new network partner model - your advantages at a glance:
- annual product package worth up to 300€
- Participation in the moderated forum for network partners
- Use of the network partnership in your external presentation: flyer, website, ...
- Listing as an expert at www.meditech.de and partner platforms
- Free participation in the Partner and Friends Day
- Use of an exclusive telephone hotline for your concerns and technical questions
- Free participation in up to twenty exclusive knowledge deepenings online per year
- Exclusive rental model for network partners: Easy access to new technologies
- Building up your goods and services balance through the successful recommendation and mediation of training solutions
- Building up your training budget: You save up to 40% of your course fees as a budget for the following year
[ Netzwerkpartner Flyer-Mappe ] Netzwerkpartner Flyer-Mappe
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
Informationsflyer zu unserem Netzwerkpartner-Modell für professionelle Anwender - Rufen Sie gern ein oder mehrere Exemplare kostenfrei bei uns ab.