[ Texte-D ] Übungsmaterial - Textbücher Lateraltraining (ohne CDs/MP3)
88.00 € 88.00 € 88.0 EUR
German exercise material for lateral, consisting of:
- Gi-em-aus book
- Bo-im-Eis books
- 28 Lachgeschichten book
- Tobi-Babsi-und-Co book
- Die schönsten Leselöwen book
- Hifino book
- Jabberwocky book
[ 2304 ] Winkelfehlsichtigkeit, von Uwe Wulff
15.50 € 15.50 € 15.5 EUR
"...He was very clumsy in many things, often injured himself and could not learn to read and write properly at school, although he knew a great deal. He claimed that the letters would all run away from him and dinos would eat them and he was afraid of many things...".
The visual defect of refractive errors is an important factor for the gross and fine motor skills and consequently also for the psychological development of children. For this reason, occupational therapy is very interested in information about the effects, influence and correction possibilities of refractive errors.

This book contains in an understandable and comprehensible form, in addition to the classic work by Uwe Wulff on "Impaired binocular vision and school failure", amounts for occupational therapists, as well as for non-eye doctors and non-opticians.
The correction of refractive errors has led to a favorable influence on motor developmental delays and concentration problems in tens of thousands of children in Germany alone over the last 40 years, eliminating 70-80% of all non-organic headaches and abdominal pain.

This book is especially aimed at parents of affected children, who can be helped much better with the correction of refractive errors and occupational therapy than would be possible on their own.
[ L1154 ] Wie wirksam ist Biofeedback?
36.90 € 36.90 € 36.9 EUR
Durch die systematische Rückmeldung von physiologischen Signalen können Menschen lernen, diese in eine gewünschte Richtung zu verändern. So eröffnen sich faszinierende Behandlungsmöglichkeiten bei psychischen und körperlichen Krankheiten. «Wie wirksam ist Biofeedback?» stellt solche Behandlungsansätze dar und greift dabei Themen auf wie chronische Schmerzzustände, Migräne, Hypertonie, Tinnitus, Epilepsie, Lähmungen - aber auch den Einsatz von Biofeedback als Ergänzung in der Psychotherapie von psychischen Erkrankungen wie Posttraumatischen Belastungsstörungen, Panikstörungen, Schlafstörungen, Depressionen oder Abhängigkeitserkrankungen.
[ L1144 ] Wackelpeter und Trotzkopf
29.95 € 29.95 € 29.95 EUR
Hyperactive and defiant children are often a great strain on the family's daily routine. But parents are not helplessly at the mercy of their problem children: This book shows how they can help themselves (and their children)!

The book can be used as part of the child's treatment with a psychotherapist or doctor to inform the parents. It is also suitable as a self-help program for parents who want to deal with their child's problems independently.
[ L1140 ] Visualisieren, präsentieren, moderieren - J. W. Seifert
19.90 € 19.90 € 19.900000000000002 EUR
Visualization, presentation and moderation are working techniques that play an increasingly important role in everyday work. This was true in 1989, when this book was first published, and it is true today. Since the first edition, Josef W. Seifert has revised the book several times and has now also renewed the graphics and illustrations for the 30th edition, so that it is once again up to date both in terms of content and design.
The reader learns how to visualize facts skilfully, prepare presentations correctly and conduct them confidently, make meetings more effective, moderate teams and groups in a result-oriented manner, and design workshops successfully.
[ 2273 ] Verstehen/Beobachten und gezieltes Fördern von LRS-Schülern
21.50 € 21.50 € 21.5 EUR
If a child fails in the field of written language, it is essential to know the causes in order to be able to help him or her as specifically as possible. Methods of close observation are presented here in detail and in a practical manner, and with the help of this book, a specific support plan can be developed for both school-based LRS groups and for individual support outside of school. ...
[ 2307 ] Thompson, Michael + Lynda - The Neurofeedback Book
109.00 € 109.00 € 109.0 EUR
An introduction to neurofeedback and its implementation in applied psychology - THE key work in the field of neurofeedback application (in English). Written by Dr. Michael and Lynda Thompson from Canada, who have decades of expertise in the treatment of people with ADD/ADHD and other special conditions through their local ADD center... and share it in this book.
[ L1121 ] Third Edition - Biofeedback - Schwartz, Mark S. / Andrasik, Frank
99.00 € 99.00 € 99.0 EUR
The comprehensive text in this field provides comprehensive scientific insights into biofeedback research, applications, clinical procedures and biomedical instruments. With contributions from leading experts, the volume offers a unique combination of practical know-how and scientific expertise. A wealth of information is presented in an accessible, optimized style that includes helpful glossaries. Detailed protocols are presented to support patients who promote lower physiological excitement and treat a range of specific clinical problems: Headaches, TMJ disorders, Raynaud's disease, essential hypertension, neuromuscular problems, elimination disorders and more.
[ L1145 ] Therapieprogramm für Kinder mit hyperkin.... THOP
69.00 € 69.00 € 69.0 EUR
They cannot sit still, are unfocused, dreamy and often unpopular with other children. Children with ADHD represent the largest group of children undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment. THOP has proven itself here. Why is THOP so successful? - THOP leads to a differentiated diagnosis, which identifies problem areas, but also reveals the strengths of the child and the family.
[ 2315-SET ] The most beautiful reading lion stories SET - book+6CDs
108.00 € 108.00 € 108.0 EUR
The stories in this book with 6 matching audio CDs are as exciting and colorful as the world of reading lions. It is about clever ponies and tricky robbers, about spooky ghosts and monstrous monsters. But also about annoying siblings and eager sportsmen. There is a suitable story for everyone.
[ 2386 ] Tail unit to balancing rod
5.00 € 5.00 € 5.0 EUR
Tail unit to balancing rod
[ 2266 ] Störungen der Sprachentwicklung
29.90 € 29.90 € 29.900000000000002 EUR
The book offers an overview of the description, explanation, diagnosis, therapy and prevention of speech development disorders.
[ L1103 ] Spitzer, Manfred - Lernen
20.00 € 20.00 € 20.0 EUR
Learning takes place in the head. This is why the results of brain research are so important for learning. Prof. Manfred Spitzer has - inspired by his experiences in the Education Council and as an expert on the PISA study in the Federal Council - consciously written this book for a broad readership: for parents, teachers, pupils, education politicians and anyone who wants to understand his learning machine in his head and use it better.
[ 2295 ] Rechenschwächen erkennen und behandeln, Ingeborg Milz
13.00 € 13.00 € 13.0 EUR
Obviously, this form of learning disorder is on the rise and so is the helplessness to face it. Under neuro-pedagogical understanding, it is a matter of assessing and "tackling" the child's learning problems (here in connection with arithmetic lessons) from different angles.
[ L1139 ] Pädagogisches Grundwissen, Herbert Gudjons
21.90 € 21.90 € 21.900000000000002 EUR
Educational science has expanded extraordinarily in recent decades. An overview of subject areas and findings is therefore particularly necessary for the beginning of studies and before examinations. In 12 chapters this proven textbook imparts current basic knowledge in: Structure of educational science, directions, research methods, history of pedagogy, childhood and adolescence, socialisation, education and training, learning, didactics, education, extracurricular fields of work, current challenges. Written in easy-to-understand language, Pädagogisches Grundwissen also contains numerous graphics. Selected reading and work suggestions encourage further study.
[ 2333 ] Psychomotorische Ganzheitstherapie
17.90 € 17.90 € 17.900000000000002 EUR
Psychomotoric Holistic Therapy combines several therapy concepts in the support of disabled children into an individual, holistic therapy program for each child. The therapy therefore does not break down into individual elements (physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy etc.), but is interdisciplinary. Gaps or overlaps in the therapy are thus avoided.
[ 2270 ] Praxishandbuch zum Warnke-Verfahren: : Hören - Sehen - Bewegen: Wirksame Hilfe bei Automatisierungs-Problemen
19.90 € 19.90 € 19.900000000000002 EUR
A dynamic training program thrives on the fact that it is constantly changing and responding to new insights.
This book provides information about the current status of the Warnke method and its integration and support possibilities. The Warnke method: Hearing - seeing - moving: A dynamic training program lives from the fact that it is constantly changing and responding to new findings. Thus, the Warnke method has also developed further in some central areas. On this basis, the therapist's guide "We do not only hear with our ears" has been completely revised. Thus the new "Practice Manual for the Warnke®-Procedure" was created. In it, Fred Warnke conveys his latest state of knowledge in this field, the results of extensive data collection, results from several studies as well as insights from discussions with many users of the procedure. From child-oriented and realistic testing of the most important sub-functions of central hearing to low-level training and lateral training for all age groups (from pre-school children to adults), there is also a wealth of experience from the many experienced users of this method.
[ 2041 ] Praxishandbuch Biofeedback und Neurofeedback
49.99 € 49.99 € 49.99 EUR
This practice book shows the treatment options for mental illnesses and illnesses caused by stress with the help of biofeedback and neurofeedback. Using measuring devices and special software, patients learn to directly influence mindfulness and their complaints. The self-regulation of autonomous bodily functions, such as blood pressure, muscle tension and respiration, can be achieved by training with this method even without the use of equipment.
[ 2043 ] Positiv lernen (Jansen - Streit)
34.99 € 34.99 € 34.99 EUR
Learning disabilities, dyslexia and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder are an enormous burden for the children concerned and all those who work with them. However, Fritz Jansen and Uta Streit show what can be done about it: In their "IntraActPlus" concept, which they have been using successfully for years, they make use of the findings of learning psychology at school, during homework and in their leisure time.
[ 2277 ] Phoniatrie und Pädaudiologie
49.95 € 49.95 € 49.95 EUR
The textbook offers a structured introduction to phoniatrics and pedaudiology. In basic chapters, the normal function of the vocal and speech apparatus is explained; based on this, the corresponding disorders are presented. In addition to the medical aspects, the psychological and linguistic aspects of voice and speech are considered in detail.