Body & Mind App Info Channel (public)

Body & Mind App Info Channel (public)

The app and sensor for mobile concentration or relaxation training.
When the requirement is met, the user sees a film. He hardly notices the training itself.
This channel is publicly accessible.

Responsible Hilke Wenkel
Last Update 07/01/2024
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German material and instructions
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Body&Mind App Flyer: HEG-Neurofeedback and TPS-Biofeedback in one App Solution
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Biofeedback and even neurofeedback combined in a single app for at home? Now there is exactly this solution with the new Body&Mind app from MediTECH. For both Android and iOS-based platforms, in the future you can enable and implement daily training at home for yourself or for your clients to promote concentration and relaxation (mental and physical).

English material and instructions
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Body and Mind App - Englisch Version Stummschaltung.mp4
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Da muss klar stehen, was es ist: 1h Webinar on Focus training and stress management: Body & Mind app for biofeedback and neurofeedback

Body and Mind App Flyer (Englisch) [EN]
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The Body&Mind flyer, with which the many possibilities are explained and presented in a detailed and entertaining way.

Matériel et instructions en français
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Mode d'emploi de la version 2.0.0 (Francais)
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This guide to the Body & Mind App version 2.0 contains systematic explanations on how to best use this unique app for biofeedback and neurofeedback. The most important new features are:
- Breath clock for breath training instead of video feedback.
- Two different video players (web player and video player) for Youtube optimization
- Warning message in case of badly placed TPS sensor
- Extended functions in user administration
- Optimized scale display
- Optimized evaluation

HEG Präsentation Französisch Deutsch
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HEG Neurofeedback ist ein wirkungsvolles Verfahren zur Förderung von Aufmerksamkeit / Konzentration einerseits und zum Erlernen einer besseren Selbstregulation und mentalen Entspannung andererseits.
In diesem einstündigen Vortrag auf deutsch mit französischer Übersetzung stellt Ralph Warnke das app-basierte HEG-Neurofeedbacktraining HEG-Neurofeedback - Smart Brain Training und Hintergründe zu dieser Form des Neurofeedback an sich vor. Was unterscheidet HEG-Neurofeedback von konventionellem EEG-basiertem Neurofeedback? Wie gut lässt es sich auch von Laien / privat einsetzen? Dies und mehr erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar.

Le Neurofeedback HEG est une méthode efficace pour favoriser l'attention / la concentration d'une part et pour apprendre une meilleure autorégulation et une relaxation mentale d'autre part.
Dans cette conférence d'une heure en allemand avec traduction française, Ralph Warnke présente la formation de neurofeedback HEG basée sur l'application HEG Neurofeedback - Smart Brain Training et des informations de fond sur cette forme de neurofeedback elle-même. En quoi le neurofeedback HEG diffère-t-il du neurofeedback conventionnel basé sur l'EEG ? Dans quelle mesure peut-il être utilisé par des profanes / en privé ? Vous apprendrez tout cela et plus encore dans ce webinaire.

Materiale e istruzioni in italiano
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Body and Mind - HOME TRAINING (Italian Tutorial)

This one-hour presentation leaves no question unanswered. The versatile applicability of the Body&Mind app for training in stress, anxiety, concentration or relaxation needs as well as the background to HEG neurofeedback and physiology-based biofeedback are comprehensively explained and conveyed. The original video in English is translated into Italian here.

Earlier versions
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Changelog HEG-Mobile 1.5.5
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Dieser Changelog listet die Produktverbesserungen der HEG-Mobile-App auf.

2021 01 06 HEG Mobile App
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Erläuterungen zur Nutzung der mobilen HEG-App

Changelog HEG-Mobile 1.6.0
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Click here for your new HEG neurofeedback mobile app sensor:

Smart neurofeedback for at home and on the go!

Click here to go directly to your new Biofeedback eVu-TPS sensor:

Professional biofeedback across multiple parameters - easy to understand via app usable every day.