[ 9160 ] Der PIP - APP-basiertes Entspannungstraining
The PIP - Bluetooth skin conductancesensor for dealing with stress and training relaxation. This solution comes with a minimum of three free apps for training on your smartphone or tablet.

Taking good care of yourself and dealing with your personal stress level is very important. This also means to take a few minutes for training and relaxation frequently. But when and how do we make this happen? The PIP helps you with this: The PIP being a small and rather impressive piece of technology that you can use in communication with your personal smartphone or tablet. This is all it takes - plus maybe 3 to 5 minutes per day of your time. You decide when and where; and you learn how to self regulate and swiftly recharge your personal battery.
179.00 € 179.0 EUR
[ 8982 ] eVu TPS Biofeedbacksystem als Fingersensor mit Hautleitwert, Temperatur, Puls
The eVu TPS system consists of a small bluetooth based powerful finger sensor: it can measure skin conductance, temperature and pulse in parallel. each of these modalities allows you to conduct the specific biofeedback training. The ANDROID based APP is included in the product price and can hence be downloaded for free from the App Store. Try it today!
598.00 € 598.0 EUR
[ 8570 ] ProComp INFINITI (8-Kanal-System)
The ProComp Infiniti is an eight channel system for highly flexible measurement of physiological data and corresponding biofeedback. The Infiniti system includes the BioGraph Infiniti software and is extremely flexible and powerful... Every single one of the eight channels can be used with any given available sensor. The system i.e. works with 8x EMG or also eight diffferent sensors - easily.
4,450.00 € 4450.0 EUR
[ 8713 ] ProComp5 (5-Kanal-System) in blauer Gerätetasche
The ProComp5 Infiniti™ offers an inbetween solution within our biofeedback systems family: Our 8 channel ProComp Infiniti™ or the 10 channel FlexComp Infiniti™ on the one side and the 2 channel ProComp2™ system as a starting solution.
3,464.00 € 3464.0 EUR
[ 8564 ] ProComp2 (2-Kanal-System) in grauem Gerätekoffer
The ProComp2 is a compact and yet powerful 2 channel physiology system, either for professional use of biofeedback in your practice or as a home training solution.
1,999.00 € 1999.0 EUR
[ 8503 ] Hautwiderstands-Sensor (Skin Conductance Sensor, SCL, EDA) Flex/Pro
This sensor allows to measure and monitor Skin Conductance, primarily useful during stress analysis as well as relexation training and beyond.
349.00 € 349.0 EUR
[ 8504 ] Hauttemperatur (Temp.-Sensor)
This temperature sensor (designed for the Infiniti system) measures deviations of skin temperature as an additional measure related to stress, or relaxation. The application is also often useful to deal with certain types of pain treatment.
349.00 € 349.0 EUR
[ 8505B ] Atemaktivität (Respirations-Sensor),Typ B
This respiration belt can easily be used with the impressive Procomp-Infiniti system. The sensor can either be placed to measure Thorax or Abdominal breathing. Two sensors allow to cover both abdominal and thorax respiration
349.00 € 349.0 EUR
[ 8534 ] Blutvolumenpuls-Sensor (BVP)
Special Sensor with photo potical lense to measure the pulse signal / blood volume pulse. Sensor solution for Procomp encoders / to be used with BioGraph Infiniti.
349.00 € 349.0 EUR
[ 8506 ] Herzaktivität (EKG-Sensor)
preamplified electro-cardiogramm (ECG) sensor which directly measures the elecric heart activity. Incudes ECG wristbands which allow to measure IBI (inter-beat interval) from ECG at the wrists, using a complex artefact removal algorithm in the process (offline). Requires additional ECG extender cable for electrode placement (plus the single use electrodes themselves)
450.00 € 450.0 EUR
[ 8507 ] Muskelaktivität (MyoScan-Pro-EMG-Sensor)
Pre-amplified EMG sensor to measure surface EMG (sEMG) activity. Can either be applied using triodes or single electrodes (additional EMG extender cable is required)
485.00 € 485.0 EUR
[ 8814 ] Rating Box Sensor
The Rating Box Sensor allows you to directly accumulate subjective perceptions and decisions of a client while measuring his physiological data. For example, Yes-/No questions may be answered using the sensor or current emotions (i.e.. feelings of anxiety or joy can be defined on a scale of your choosing (0-10, -5 to +5,...) - all done in parallel to assessing the physiological data (such as skin conductance, pulse, EMG, HEG, EEG, ...). This sensor can be recognized as "any sensor" within the Infiniti system and can connect to any of the existing Infiniti encoders. A channel set and sample screens are included.
280.00 € 280.0 EUR
[ 9184-SET ] HEG-Stirnpolster (Set mit 5 Stück)
Replacement set with 5 pieces: The soft cushion is being mounted as a non-permanent cover on the front side of the HEG sensor. It significantly facilitates the level of comfort while being in use for the client. Please take note of the manufacturer recommendation to replace this cover every 1-2 weeks. Please also note the hygiene recommendations of your HEG system.
32.50 € 32.5 EUR
[ 8647 ] Tele-Infiniti CF - Funkübertragungsmodul
Tele-Infiniti CF ist a telemetry option for ProComp5 Infiniti, ProComp Infiniti and
FlexComp Infiniti encoder. When using wireless Tele-Infiniti CF, you do not need the fibre optic cable and the corresponding USB adapter in between computer and encoder.
1,195.00 € 1195.0 EUR
[ 8611 ] Elektrodengel Ten20-EEG-Paste (228g) von Weaver
The Ten20 paste offers a high-quality fastening solution for EEG electrodes using the cup electrode system. It adheres well, dries out slowly and is easily washable. Supplied in a 228g tin or alternatively two 114g tubes (depending on availability).
19.90 € 19.9 EUR
[ 8545 ] NuPrep Haut-Preparationsgel 114 g (Skinpreparation) für EEG-Ableitungen
The main preparation gel NuPrep is a medium-grained gel solution for the pre-treatment of the skin surface, including before EEG discharges. Experience has shown that the product is also suitable for sensitive skin. It is used to reduce the skin resistance and to enable a better derivation of electrical potentials, for example in EEG recordings or ECG examinations. (single tube of 114 g)
16.90 € 16.9 EUR
[ 8565 ] TT-USB Schnittstellenadapter für ProComp-Systeme
USB interface adapter for Infiniti encoders. Set consists of the TT-USB-Adapter, a USB connection cable and a fibre optic cable (7 m).
695.00 € 695.0 EUR
[ 8538 ] Flasche Reinigungsalkohol 1l
Isopropanol Klar 70% 1000 ml
10.00 € 10.0 EUR
[ 8717A-SET ] HEG-Sensor für elegantes Neurofeedback mittels NIRS-Technologie
HEG-based Neurofeedback is the easy and convincing way of neurofeedback. No site preparations, immediate sensor placement and launching the session are spot-on. Artefacts are also rare in HEG - which saves time usually spent on artefacting in EEG based neurofeedback. Clients usually understand particularly swiftly what they are supposed in this training setup. System consists of a sensor that works with any Infiniti encoder and comes with a free software package for one encoder of choice.
1,490.00 € 1490.0 EUR