[ 9088-Set ] Audio-Trainer 3000 Multilingual, DE, PL, GB, FR

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Audio fitness trainer that allows to train up to eight key brain functions such as auditory processing speed, spatial hearing, pitch discrimination and more. Additionally, background noise (white noise or murmuring) can be added for even more intense training.
The AT-3000 comes in a cloth jewel case and includes the English manual and a pair of headphones MT-HS-16.

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Man does not only listen, he also hears between the ears:
Information heard is only understood in the brain. This ability of "hearing between the ears" is subject to a natural aging process, independent of the actual (organic) hearing ability of the ears. This aging process is gradual. For example, you may notice an increasing sensitivity to noise, or you may notice that you tire more quickly during a conversation. The hörFit® training specifically corrects this aging process and improves your listening comprehension in many important situations:

  • You have the possibility of easily participating in a conversation in noisy environment

  • You can safely locate and understand information from different directions.ormationen aus verschiedenen Richtungen wieder sicher orten und verstehen.

  • You can make stress-free phone calls again, even if the colleagues in your immediate environment "could be a little quieter".

  • You once again better understand the fine undertones "between the lines".

  • Hearing aid fitting is also more successful with Audiofitness-Training.

The Audio-Trainer 3000 is the central component of the coordinated hörFit® training, which was developed in close cooperation between scientists and hearing aid acousticians. With the hörFit® program you first determine the current performance of your hearing and speech processing. Your hearing care professional will then work with you to develop a training program that is tailored to your needs and has an effect:
The Warnke® method on which the training is based is characterised by impressive success rates and satisfied users.

Audioftiness - Training with hearing aid(s):
Are you about to receive your first hearing aid? Or is your hearing aid fitting not (yet) successful? And this despite the best possible fitting by your hearing care professional?
Hearing comprehension mainly takes place "between the ears". The hearing aid is only the first important step for you. With hörFit® training tailored to your needs, you will learn how to use your hearing aids in the best possible way. In this way you can continue to communicate actively and carefree in the future.

This is what the Audio-Trainer 3000 offers:

  • Easy operation (only three buttons)  

  • Training for Listening and Understanding   

  • Strengthening your directional hearing   

  • Better understanding of your conversation partners.   

  • Patent-based training process - successfully in use for more than a decade   

  • …with and without hearing aids

Even with a daily exercise duration of 10 to 15 minutes, improvements in perception, attention and speech comprehension can usually be seen after 2 to 6 weeks - progress that you will quickly experience for yourself. In order to maintain the good results, we recommend a ten-minute training session once a week.

Would you like to find out more? Take a look on the Internet at
The audio trainer will be handed over by your regional Hörfit partner. You can find this under
www.hoerfit.meditech.de. Sofern es noch keinen regionalen Partner geben sollte, sprechen Sie uns gern direkt an. Wir beraten Sie gern.

Über das Euronormkabel (Art-Nr. 7945) kann der Audio-Trainer AT-3000 auch direkt an ein HDO-Gerät angeschlossen werden.