[ 8778 ] EEG-Ableitungs-Set 2-Kanäle mono/bipolar [SINTER-System komplett]

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This is a complete lead set for 1 and 2 channel EEG leads with BioGraph Infiniti, suitable for all ProComp encoders. It includes: 2x EEG-Z sensors with integrated impedance check mode, 2x PP-to-DIN connection cable, 2x ear electrodes, 4x sintered bridge electrodes, 6x EEG-DIN connection cables (50cm long), 2x Y-cable, 1x X-cable (for linked ear connections), 0-rings with guide rod for changing the disposable cotton pads, 1 package of electrode covers (consumables), 1x special Velcro cover for elegant electrode placement for any head size

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