[ OK-WV-B ] Warnke procedure advanced course (recording)


Recording of the Warnke procedure Advanced course: Practical testing + training of listening perception, language and spelling

Building on the contents of the Warnke® basic course "Improving auditory perception, language and spelling through causal training", participants in this course acquire solid practical knowledge. The participants learn in small groups of three to five participants how to operate the most important devices of the Warnke® process. All questions from the concrete practice situations are immediately answered by the experienced instructor / supervisor. Test procedure, low-level functions, perception selectivity and above all lateral training determine the core contents of this advanced course. It is divided into eight exercise blocks and offers the following contents:
- Introduction to the operation of the central audiometer (module in AUDIO4LAB) for testing and training the low-level functions (90 min)
- Practical implementation of the Warnke® test procedure in small groups in role play under supervision (180 min)
- Introduction to the training with the Brain-Boy® as well as the training of visual spelling (90 min)
- Use and application of the professional lateral training: All functions are explained, tested and deepened in subsequent practical exercises. (320 min)
This course enables you to use the Warnke® test procedure and the training based on it competently and safely in the future.

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