[ OK-BF-C07 ] Biofeedback theme course: Biofeedback up close [eLearning - German]


You have acquired a solid basic knowledge of biofeedback in the advanced training courses and by reading reference books, and you already use biofeedback in your practice for various disorders and patient groups.
Now you would like to deepen your knowledge, use the manifold possibilities of biofeedback therapy in your practice more efficiently and creatively and increase your level of professionalism and competence. This practical workshop is the ideal platform for this. It provides you with diverse and practical instructions and space to exchange experiences.
For which disorders do I use biofeedback?
Which physiological parameters do I train and why?
How do I integrate biofeedback into a multimodal therapy process?
Which analysis, training screens and / or protocols do I choose?
How do I adapt training screens (feedback instruments, threshold settings, etc.) to patient requirements?
How do I address my patients' individual abilities, limitations, and needs?
How do I create reports and show therapy progress to my patient?
How do I interpret evaluations and results?
How do I increase / generate (more) therapy motivation in my patients?
All these and other questions and concerns will be answered in our practical workshop. In small groups of two to three participants you can expect a lot of creative and practical knowledge transfer. [GERMAN]

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