[ L1135 ] Lauter starke Jungen, Rogge/Mähler (German)


The standard work on the subject of raising boys!
How do you educate a boy today to become a self-confident and strong personality? This book describes the situation, examines the background and gives advice for a modern boy education at the beginning of the 21st century. The old patterns, according to which boys have to be strong, body-oriented, space-consuming, dominant, no longer apply - but what takes the place of these norms? For example, what kind of conflicts would a boy who shows feelings and "soft sides" get into, where the strongest or coolest still has the say? The book helps parents and educators to orientate themselves in the variety of conflicting role models and norms. It is both a description of the state of affairs and a guide.

ISBN 3-499-61539-8

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