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  • Relaxation
  • Warnke Procedure
  • Lateral-Training
[ 8011-SET ] CD "Relax with the Classics" Set, Volume 1 bis 4
CD "Relax with the Classics" Set, Volume 1 bis 4
79.59 € 79.59 EUR
[ 8011A ] CD "Relax with the Classics", Largo - Volume 1
Originally co-conceived by the Lind Institute in San Francisco, this CD provides the foundation for truly successful relaxation training. The pleasant music allows you to both relax or work and be creative while doing so. Furthermore, it can be used in a calming and supportive way during school lessons. Thus, this music collection not only has very appealing pieces of music, but the wide range of applications makes it universally applicable.
23.70 € 23.7 EUR
[ 8011E ] CD-Set "Relax with the Classics", Health and Wellness
Double CD from the series "Relax with the Classics" - Bach in the morning, Handel in the evening... Ideal for relaxation and concentration enhancement
46.79 € 46.79 EUR