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  • Brain-Boy
  • Orthofix
  • Lateral training
  • Learning enhancement
  • Basic education adults
  • Foreign language acquisition
[ 5004-DE-Ki ] Brain-Boy Gebrauchsanleitung Teil 2 - Kinderanleitung deutsch
Kostenfrei, wenn mit Neukauf des dazugehörigen Produkts zu liefern. Ansonsten: 9,52 hinterlegen für 8 Euro tatsächlichen Rechnungsbetrag
9.72 € 9.72 EUR
[ 5004-DE-Erw ] Brain-Boy Gebrauchsanleitung Teil 1 - Erwachsenenanleitung deutsch
Kostenfrei, wenn mit Neukauf des dazugehörigen Produkts zu liefern. Ansonsten: 9,52 hinterlegen für 8 Euro tatsächlichen Rechnungsbetrag
9.72 € 9.72 EUR
[ I-LF-Eltern ] Information package learning support for parents
Informationsmaterial zur Lernförderung für Eltern (kostenfrei)
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
[ FLIC-SET1 ] FLIC complete set for learning English
FLIC--Foreign language learning as brain performance training (based on the findings of the EU-funded FLIC--Research project). Complete solution consisting of AlphaTrainer with headset and FLIC cable set as well as the two software modules for FLIC ENGLISH. OPTIONALLY RECOMMENDED: Audio-Trainer AT-3000 for training important key functions of central auditory perception.
1,593.92 € 1593.92 EUR
[ OK-WV-LT ] Enhanced Learning trainer eLearning plus supervision
This exceptional learning trainer training offers a solid mix of well-founded background knowledge and concrete support possibilities, especially for people with LRS, dyscalculia, ADS/ADHS, asperger's, trisomy-21 or problems in the areas of perception, attention and hearing comprehension. The Warnke test procedure with a total of 14 test steps provides the basis for the diagnosis and the development of the training plan based on it. Technically supported solutions such as low-level training with Brain-Boy or Audio-Trainer are just as much a part of the training as lateral training as special brain performance training. The core heading of the quailfication is automation training in all important modalities - hearing, seeing and moving are equally included and trained.
This course is offered as an eLearning option. In addition to the eLearning content of this qualification - which can be accessed at your pace - you will receive one hour of 1:1 online supervision to clarify all your questions and topics.
872.86 € 872.86 EUR
[ K-eL-HF-A ] Audiofitness Refresher (online)
You have already attended our hearing fitness basic training and want to refresh your knowledge again.

Then this is the right online course for you.
162.50 € 162.5 EUR
[ OK-WV-C15 ] Warnke Procedure Theme Course: Moving - Hearing - Seeing - Learning - Speech (Recording)
Warnke-Verfahren Themenkurs: Bewegen – Hören – Sehen – Lernen – Sprache (Aufzeichnung)
322.27 € 322.27 EUR
[ OK-WV-A ] Warnke-Verfahren Basic course (recorded)
To promote speech and language understanding at any age is the main objective of the Warnke® method. This begins with the acquisition of language in children, includes the promotion of the written language (reading and writing) and ends with the support of secure language understanding in adulthood.
Difficulties in understanding language are constantly increasing. This applies equally to children and adults. Despite good hearing, there is often a lack of confident understanding. Hearing tests usually give no result. This course gives you a highly topical overview of the background and causes.
With the Warnke® testing procedure you first determine the current state of speech processing of your respective client. The Warnke® method offers a concrete and customized training option for each result. The effectiveness of the Warnke® method has been scientifically proven repeatedly, among other things, by studies of the Medical University of Hannover.
The course provides immediately usable knowledge about language and perception by means of true-to-life practical examples and exercises. All participants experience the entire Warnke® test procedure as well as the systematic training possibilities of the procedure. Other approaches as well as the integration into their daily work will be explained and discussed appropriately.
251.26 € 251.26000000000002 EUR
[ OK-WV-B ] Warnke procedure advanced course (recording)
Recording of the Warnke procedure Advanced course: Practical testing + training of listening perception, language and spelling

Building on the contents of the Warnke® basic course "Improving auditory perception, language and spelling through causal training", participants in this course acquire solid practical knowledge. The participants learn in small groups of three to five participants how to operate the most important devices of the Warnke® process. All questions from the concrete practice situations are immediately answered by the experienced instructor / supervisor. Test procedure, low-level functions, perception selectivity and above all lateral training determine the core contents of this advanced course. It is divided into eight exercise blocks and offers the following contents:
- Introduction to the operation of the central audiometer (module in AUDIO4LAB) for testing and training the low-level functions (90 min)
- Practical implementation of the Warnke® test procedure in small groups in role play under supervision (180 min)
- Introduction to the training with the Brain-Boy® as well as the training of visual spelling (90 min)
- Use and application of the professional lateral training: All functions are explained, tested and deepened in subsequent practical exercises. (320 min)
This course enables you to use the Warnke® test procedure and the training based on it competently and safely in the future.
322.27 € 322.27 EUR
[ 12000 ] Brain-Boy and Orthofix Training Video (Webinar Recording)
Comprehensive online training on handling and effective use of Brain-Boy and Orthofix, especially in home training.
21.85 € 21.85 EUR
[ WV-Webcast-2019-12 ] Webcast 19-12 Warnke method - "Tinnitus - Training against the sound in the head".
In etwa einstündigen Videos lernen Sie – bequem am Computer in Ihrer Praxis oder zu Hause – Hintergründe, Vorgehensweisen und Kniffe zu bestimmten Fragestellungen kennen. Per Internet-Übertragung folgen Sie einer Präsentation und hören die Ausführungen des / der Referenten.
Sie bestimmen für sich selbst – innerhalb des betreffenden Monats – wann, wo und wie oft Sie den Webcast anschauen, um die für Sie relevanten Inhalte zu konsumieren.
Kostenfreier Zugang für EGBNV-Mitglieder und Netzwerkpartner der MediTECH.
32.77 € 32.77 EUR
[ 6827-OF-EN ] Orthofix English - single user license (download version without data carrier)
Orthofix - License (download version without data carrier) for German or English for training visual spelling. Each language can be easily activated and installed on a single computer. You can download the program conveniently at http://download.meditech.de (Learning Support).

Please note the system requirements for our Windows - happens learning program. You can find them at www.pc.meditech.de under System Requirements -> MediTECH - Learning Programs

You can also order a GERMAN language version. Please select Orthofix GERMAN as a separate article.
81.94 € 81.94 EUR
[ BC-Set1-Kombi-oT ] BrainCentral Combi Set without Tablet
BrainCentral complete set WITHOUT TABLET. Includes BrainCentral, two headsets, special glasses, cable set and special case solution.
Additionally included is a MediTOOLs premium license (single user) and 1 year MediTOOLs support contract free of charge. (Contract ends automatically if not actively extended by the customer). The functional scope of the app includes the complete Lateral Trainer PRO, the central audiometer for recording 8 low-level functions including all evaluation functions, the perceptual acuity test and the phonetic discrimination training for four languages each.

Minimum requirements of the tablet
- Android version from: 10
- Display size from: 10"
- Display resolution from: 1920x1080 (FullHD)
- Main memory (RAM) from: 3Gb
- Memory from: 64Gb
5,020.83 € 5020.83 EUR
[ BC-Üb2-Home ] Lateraltraining Exercise Material HOME german for BrainCentral (MP3-Audio+Texts)
German exercise material for lateral training at home, consisting of:
- Gi-em-aus sinnfreie Lesetexte (CD + Text book)
- Bo-im-Eis (CD + Text book)
- 28 Lachgeschichten (2CDs + Text book)
- Tobi/Babsi & Co. (3CDs + Text book)
- Die schönsten Leselöwengeschichten (6CDs + Text book)
- Mein Freund der Hifino (2CDs + Text book)
303.73 € 303.73 EUR