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[ 8596 ] BioGraph INFINITI Dynamap Suite (sEMG) / USB-Stick
The DynaMap suite is designed for peripheral biofeedback. In more than 100 special pre-designed training patterns, the user can record, monitor, replay and evaluate data from sessions with 2- to 10-channel EMG leads.

A key feature is "video recording", which offers a wide range of possible applications:
- Review of special occurrences during a session,
- Visualization of selected situations to clarify motion sequences is possible with this suite.
Dual monitor operation also allows this suite to design and view the client's screen with animations and "training functions" independently from that of the training instructor to avoid distracting the client.
352.94 € 352.94 EUR
Developed by Catriona Steele, Ph.D., the software is based on the latest research from the Swallowing Rehabilitation Research Lab at the renowned Toronto Rehab Institute in Ontario, Canada. Dr. Steele has developed a standardized dysphagia treatment protocol that includes labored swallowing and Mendelsohn maneuvers for patients who have radiologically confirmed pharyngeal residue (i.e., incomplete removal of food or fluids from the pharynx during swallowing) associated with a recent stroke or acquired brain injury. Speech-language pathologists will find that the software allows them to apply the concepts of biofeedback training to dysphagia rehabilitation planning.

The software suite download includes 6 hours of recorded lessons (divided into four lessons). The content presented by Dr. Steele is intended to:
- Help newcomers to sEMG biofeedback understand how this tool has been used to help patients practice specific swallowing exercises in their rehabilitation programs.
- Guide the supervising clinician/technician in the successful implementation of a biofeedback training session (both hardware and software) and in the review and analysis of
Swallowing EMG Signals.
- Present case studies of four different clients, each with different problems, treated using SEMG biofeedback.
299.15 € 299.15000000000003 EUR
[ 8805 ] Resizing software for BioGraph Infiniti
This external program allows you to automatically resize individual or all training and analysis screens of the BioGraph Infiniti program. Furthermore, you can also adjust screen backgrounds individually, for specific screen groups (by directories) or across all screens. The package includes one hour of online training on how to use the program to familiarize you with all facets. You will receive a recording of this training for further use by you.
402.35 € 402.35 EUR
[ 4CH-Z ] 2-Kanal Z-Score Biofeedback Add-On (Kopie)
Add the power of real-time z-scores to BioGraph Infiniti. Compare 2 or 4-channel EEG to NeuroGuide’s normative database automatically. Metrics include coherence, phase, amplitude asymmetry, relative power, absolute power and power ratios for eight different frequency bands.
1,694.11 € 1694.1100000000001 EUR
This introductory suite is excellent for professionals entering the field of repetitive strain injury (RSI) prevention and ergonomics, with a primary focus on office workers at computers.

The suite's software is arranged into 3 different categories of
General assessment, monitoring & training with up to 4 EMG sensors and two respiration sensors;
Micro-break training with 1 EMG sensor and one respiration sensor;
Typing Assessment at the computer, which uses the full compliment of 2 EMG sensors, 2 respiration sensors, temperature, skin conductance (GSR) and heart rate.
All surface electromyography (EMG) sensors are of the MyoScan-Pro variety, and the heart rate sensor can either be the blood-volume pulse (BVP) sensor or the electrocardiogram (EKG) sensor.

The software can be a useful aid for users of the "Muscle Biofeedback at the Computer" book by Erik Peper, Ph.D. and Katherine Hughes Gibney, sold separately.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To function properly, BFE Limited Edition suites require the use of the latest version of BioGraph Infiniti software and Thought Technology Infiniti hardware *. If you do NOT have access to BioGraph Infiniti software and Thought Technology Infiniti hardware, the BFE software in the suite will be of NO VALUE to you.
199.67 € 199.67000000000002 EUR