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[ 8578 ] Replacement band for finger band electrode for skin conductance sensor (1 piece)
to the Skin Conductance Sensor for the Infiniti System - TWO pieces are always required.
This item includes one replacement band.
20.06 € 20.06 EUR
[ 8706 ] Rectal electrode St.-Cloud with stim option
The St-Cloud electrodes are used in the rectum to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles. The electrode used to record the muscles is an EMG electrode. The surface EMG electrode can also be used instead of the vaginal or rectal electrode to detect pelvic floor muscle activity.
86.42 € 86.42 EUR
[ 8630 ] Pure cellin (4cm x 5cm)
4x5 cm roll of 500 pieces.
14.02 € 14.02 EUR
49.31 € 49.31 EUR
[ 8545 ] NuPrep skin preparation gel 114 g (skin preparation) for EEG recordings
The main preparation gel NuPrep is a medium-grained gel solution for the pre-treatment of the skin surface, including before EEG discharges. Experience has shown that the product is also suitable for sensitive skin. It is used to reduce the skin resistance and to enable a better derivation of electrical potentials, for example in EEG recordings or ECG examinations. (single tube of 114 g)
17.09 € 17.09 EUR
[ 8541 ] Multipack cotton swabs large
50 pcs. plastic rod with large absorbent cotton head.
6.56 € 6.5600000000000005 EUR
[ 9167 ] Mounting clip for EEG-Z sensor
Befestigungsclip für EEG-Z Sensor
10.60 € 10.6 EUR
[ 8537 ] Measuring tape 1,5 m length
For positioning the electrodes
6.61 € 6.61 EUR
[ 9012 ] Interface cable BNC for sensor isolator
Interface BNC Cable für Sensor Isolator
143.20 € 143.20000000000002 EUR
[ 9011 ] Interface Cable Pigtail for Sensor Isolator
Pigtail Interface Cable für Sensor Isolator
143.20 € 143.20000000000002 EUR
[ 9125 ] Insert cards for sensor identification
Colored insert cards to document with which color which sensor is marked.
4.24 € 4.24 EUR
[ 8888 ] HEG-Headband MT-Version, blue, 35mm
Blue replacement headband for the HEG without ODU connector and sensor.
45.38 € 45.38 EUR
[ 9184-SET ] HEG forehead pads (set with 5 pieces)
Replacement set with 5 pieces: The soft cushion is being mounted as a non-permanent cover on the front side of the HEG sensor. It significantly facilitates the level of comfort while being in use for the client. Please take note of the manufacturer recommendation to replace this cover every 1-2 weeks. Please also note the hygiene recommendations of your HEG system.
32.77 € 32.77 EUR
[ 8072 ] HEG cover for headband
Lightproof material to prevent light from entering during training. Universally suitable for every head shape - easy attachment due to velcro straps. The hood is made of a pleasant and cuddly material. The cover can be easily washed at 30 degrees.
*** Attention: Do not transport folded up, because only when unfolded a possible damage of the lightproof material can be excluded! ***
70.49 € 70.49 EUR
[ 8662 ] Goniometry adopter
This adapter is connected to torsiometers or single and dual axis goniometers to monitor the movement of joints in multiple planes. Ideal choice for ergonomics and gait analysis.
352.94 € 352.94 EUR
[ 8837 ] Foot Pedal Switch, foot pedal
The foot switch can be connected to all encoders. It allows the user to set time markers and skip parts of a script during the session. The patient can use the foot switch to react to stimuli and thus additionally control the training. In conventional applications, the Foot-Switch performs functions comparable to those of the push button.
180.00 € 180.0 EUR
59.40 € 59.4 EUR
[ 8515 ] Fiber optic cable 4m length
Fiber optic cable 4m length
35.29 € 35.29 EUR
[ 8611 ] Electrode gel Ten20-EEG paste (228g) from Weaver
The Ten20 paste offers a high-quality fastening solution for EEG electrodes using the cup electrode system. It adheres well, dries out slowly and is easily washable. Supplied in a 228g tin or alternatively two 114g tubes (depending on availability).
20.06 € 20.06 EUR
[ 8529 ] Electrode covers for sintered bridge electrodes
bag. 50 pcs. each with electrode covers for single use
Additionally recommended: Zero rings for mounting on the sinter bridge electrodes
18.16 € 18.16 EUR