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  • MediBalancePro
  • Motoric training
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Equilibrium | Balance

Balance and stability are important prerequisites for our everyday life. The solutions below offer assistance for analysis and training for

  • Children with perceptual problems

  • Adults with balance disorders / dizziness

  • Top athletes for even better performance

  • ...

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[ 2523-Set ] MediBalance PRO balance system professional set [multilingual].
Balance analysis and training system - extremely light and mobile posturography platform with multiple training options and a high scope of motivation for clients to participate. Includes the new feedback games SAVE THE SWEETS. OPTIONALLY AVAILABLE: Integration of ZUKOR AIR (high-performance 3D feedback game, in which the client controls flying objects by shifting his balance on the platform.
4,560.92 € 4560.92 EUR
[ 2542-SET ] MediBalance Pro, Sports Edition multi lingual [non-medical]
The MediBalance Pro Sport Edition improves balance, coordination, stabilization and concentration. Using a plurality of customizable training screens, the MediBalance Pro offers targeted options to promote unobtrusive and safe stance behavior. These include the control of variable sectors adjustable in size and distance. Optionally, a return to the center point can be specified between each controlled sector.
In addition to a differentiated analysis function for stance behavior, the platform offers a variety of scalable training options with feedback option. The conclusion of a maintenance agreement for full update security and software functionality is strongly recommended.
4,561.15 € 4561.150000000001 EUR
[ 2524-FREIGABE ] MediBalance Pro software network license
Network license for the use and evaluation of MediBalance PRO data within a LAN (local area networks).
A network license is required once for each board integrated in the network.
For the secured further operation of the network solution, the separate conclusion of a network server agreement is strongly recommended (support, software update, adaptation in case of changes of the (Windows) server platform software.
863.03 € 863.03 EUR
[ 11007 ] MediBalance Pro service | maintenance contract
[11007] Service/maintenance contract MediBalance Pro includes, among other things, software updates, telephone and online support as well as the annual maintenance and calibration of your system including calibration certificate. Calibration takes place at our premises (after you send in the device). If requested, we will provide a replacement system in the meantime. The agreement is automatically renewed for another year if not cancelled in due time. The agreement is subject to a maximum annual progression of +5% and will be automatically extended for a further 12 months if it is not terminated in writing at least 6 weeks before expiry. The further exact scope of services results for you from the detailed service description.

With an active service contract, you have access to a significantly expanded range of functions of the MediBalance PRO software!
394.59 € 394.59000000000003 EUR
[ 2506 ] MediBalance Pro additional cushion (blue)
Serves to increase the degree of difficulty
130.00 € 130.0 EUR
[ 2519 ] Support frame foldable for MediBalance Pro
For clients who are prone to dizziness and falls, the height-adjustable support frame helps to provide support during MediBalance exercises.
97.23 € 97.23 EUR
[ 2377-Set ] Rocking board (set incl. instructions and accessories)
Motoric training set consisting of:
- Special rocker board, which has no zero point and thus constantly stimulates balance performance, covered with carpet and equipped with an additional carrying bar on the bottom side.
- two soft, inflatable bouncing balls
- a "sleeping mask" for training with closed eyes-
- detailed instructions for conducting various training sessions using the rocker board to promote attention and automation skills
245.80 € 245.8 EUR
[ 2525-License ] Collect sweets - exercise extension for MediBalance PRO
Activation of the two 3D training games "Collect sweets with 12 difficulty levels each. Highly attractive software solutions for balance training. Requires current installed MediBalancePRO software.
326.64 € 326.64 EUR
[ 2381 ] Half cube 50x50x25cm
Half cube 50x50x25cm
206.70 € 206.70000000000002 EUR
[ 2387 ] Jumbo skateboard
Promotes dexterity, sense of balance and motor skills
Roller board for indoor use
Ideal for group games, races, balancing and ball games
Loads over 120 kg and is therefore almost indestructible!
Low centre of gravity prevents tilting
Stable multilayer wood Natur lacquered
4 smooth-running, ball-bearing double swivel castors
Abrasion-resistant robust solid rubber tyres
89.04 € 89.04 EUR
[ 2379 ] Roller 40x50 cm
Stable roller (or roll, geometrically correct: cylinder) on which you can balance sitting, kneeling, standing and walking.
Of course, it can be used for many other motoric applications (ergotherapy, movement rehabilitation, ...).
Can also be used as a stool.
Diameter: 40 cm
height / width: 50 cm
manufacturer: Lüne-Combinato
Lacquered spruce wood with fluffy felt covering, so that the surface is hutschhemmend. For balancing and "walking" on the roll, however, the surface should also be slip-resistant.
281.85 € 281.85 EUR
[ 2386 ] Tail unit to balancing rod
Tail unit to balancing rod
5.46 € 5.46 EUR
[ 2380ALU ] Balancierstab Aluminium
Balancierstab zur Auge-Hand-Koordination (aus Aluminium)
30.59 € 30.59 EUR
[ 2380 ] Balancing stick for training the eye-hand coordination
Balancing rod (pluggable, consisting of 2 parts, each 50 cm long, plastic).
Part of the Warnke test sequence, also well suited for training eye-hand coordination.
30.59 € 30.59 EUR
[ 8302 ] Jump ball blue
Very often balls are used for children with motor deficits or disabilities and for older people.
The ball is easy to play and easy to catch.
The ball can be inflated softer or harder, depending on your wishes. It has many application possibilities. It is ideal for strengthening the spinal muscles, relaxation or deep relaxation.
5.46 € 5.46 EUR
[ 2373 ] Lying eight
The lying eight is suitable for training the coordination and cooperation of the two hemispheres in a playful way. In the present version, there is a rolling track on each side with a different depth (and thus a different level of difficulty).
In addition, there are milled circles around the openings on both sides to allow two balls (also with two diameters) to run simultaneously.
The game comes with one large and one small metal ball.

Size: 56 x 23 cm

Training possibilities: improved eye-hand coordination, interaction of the ears and sense of balance- with closed eyes.
43.59 € 43.59 EUR
[ 8340 ] Jump ball yellow
Very often balls are used for children with motor deficits or disabilities and for older people.
The ball is easy to play and easy to catch.
The ball can be inflated softer or harder, depending on your wishes. It has many application possibilities. It is ideal for strengthening the spinal muscles, relaxation or deep relaxation.

5.46 € 5.46 EUR
[ 2191 ] Sleeping glasses
Cuddly comfort and complete eye coverage, satin exterior, soft polyester terry cloth interior, nose padding.
5.46 € 5.46 EUR
[ 2391 ] Replacement balls for "lying eight" (set of 2)
Set consisting of 2 balls in a small bag
6.50 € 6.5 EUR