[ 8536 ] EEG-Z-Sensor Typ Flex/Pro-Z with integrated impedance check mode


EEG-Sensor with integrated Impedance check for high quality EEG sessions

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    The EEG sensor in combination with the EZ software allows an improvement in the quality of your EEG derivatives through the technique of low impedance connection on the patient. Without having to reconnect the electron cable, it can be determined whether the electrode discharge point is optimally prepared and positioned.

    Features of the sensor-software combination:
    • Fast in-line impedance measurement for the ProComp Infiniti platform   

    • Removal of the extender cables no longer necessary - measurement takes place directly in the sensor   

    • Windows-based EZ connection software   

    • User-selectable sensitivity scale   

    • Appealing, easy-to-read reference diagram   

    • Display of the electrode-electrode impedance value and the individual impedance values   

    • Display of the total impedance value for highest accuracy

    The signal input spectrum is between 0-200 μV, the band width between 2 Hz and 1 KHz.

    Suitable for monopolar and bipolar derivatives of different electrode systems depending on the intermediate electrode cable.

    The required software is already integrated in the BioGraph Infiniti program. The easy-to-read display immediately shows you which electrode is not optimally placed. While the green electrodes indicate a correct positioning, a yellow or red colour indicates a bad derivative.