[ 6869-SET ] FLIC software for foreign language learning German modules 1+2


The FLIC software consists of a total of 5 programs and training options combined with each other:
(1) WWTT: Specifically promotes the perception and differentiation of all consonant-vowel combinations of the language to be trained.
(2) Orthofix: Spelling and word picture training: The trainee develops a clear internal idea of the structure of the respective word.
(3) Vocabulary trainer: In the extraordinary way FLIC in combination with the Lateral-Trainer makes it possible to learn vocabulary for life - and not only for the next question.
(4) Sentence trainer: The trainee speaks whole sentences with a model voice heard in the opposite ear and develops his pronunciation, but above all his understanding of sentences and grammar.
(5) Dialogue trainer: Here, extensive dialogue is used for initially silent and later very active speaking along.
FLIC - Foreign Language Acquisition with the Instinct of a Child.

Training scope of the software:
WWTT: 86 training syllables
Orthofix: 18,016 words (expandable by the user!)
Vocabulary trainer: 2,737 words
Sentence trainer: 5 x 40 sentences
Dialog trainer: 54 dialogs

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