[ 2523-Set ] MediBalance PRO balance system professional set [multilingual].


Balance analysis and training system - extremely light and mobile posturography platform with multiple training options and a high scope of motivation for clients to participate. Includes the new feedback games SAVE THE SWEETS. OPTIONALLY AVAILABLE: Integration of ZUKOR AIR (high-performance 3D feedback game, in which the client controls flying objects by shifting his balance on the platform.

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                MediBalance Pro offers an acurate test of posture / coordination and a corresonding underlying training.

                The set includes:
                - MediBalance Pro platform   
                - USB-cable 2.0   
                - MediBalance Pro jewel case, royal blue 
                - Foldable frame   
                - MediBalance Pro Software incl. 12 training tasks   
                - Manual MediBalance Pro   
                - Coordination training cussion   
                - USB - Isolator

                MediBalance Pro - Your Test- and Trainingssystem addressing posture and balance/coordination
                The MediBalance Pro System allows you to evaluate your clients posturography / balancing capabilities under various conditions

                The standard test routine consists of four measurements taken:

                - Measuring with eyes open, standing with both legs on the platform  
                - Measuring just like before, but with eyes closed  
                - Measuring with eyes open while standing on the platform on another cusion for more unstable underground   
                - Measuring like before but this time with eyes closed again.
                Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

                individually adjustable

                With several individually adjustable training functions MediBalance Pro offers a broad scope of training possibilities to improve postural stability.

                Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

                adjustable sectors

                This includes to move towards variable sectors that may change in size and distance. As needed and suitable there can be a center point to be hit after each successfully hit sector.

                Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

                dynamic and non-dynamic training functions

                As additional training options there are two more tasks aviable (dynamic and non dynamic solutions). During those trainings, the client controls the task by shifting his weight on the platform and targetting specific areas on the screen by adjusting his posture.

                Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

                Catch balls

                Furthermore (for a primarily horizontal training) there is the task "Catch balls": Here the client shifts his or her ballance to the left or to the right, in order to collect the balls thrown at him in his net by shifting left or right constantly.

                Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

                Save the princess

                And not only for children the training function "Save the Princess is helpful and entertaining. The client controls just by means of shifting his balance and moves the blue knight across the screen in order to chace away the red nights.

                Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


                Training option "Tennis allows the client to move the left of the two tennis rackets forward or backward. Playing directly against the computer avatar on the right hand side, the client uses shifts in balance to improve his front-back coordination.