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M.O.R.E. means: Motor, Oral, Respiration, Eyes (Motor, Mouth, Breathing and Eyes), and is the acronym of a model designed to help therapists assess the effect of treatments that improve oral, respiratory, sensory and postural functions.
The book was written by a group of occupational therapists who are among the most qualified and experienced in the United States. They examine the apparently independent systems of motor, mouth, respiration and eyes and show that there is an exchange and interdependence between these systems. They expand this thesis by introducing the concept of SSA (suck-swallow-breath synchronism) as a synergy.
According to Patricia Wilbarger (FAOTA), this concept represents a breakthrough in the development of clinical theories of behavioral processes at the neurophysiological level.
This book allows us to see certain sensory and motor systems from a completely different perspective. This makes it possible to understand many unusual behaviors with which the individual attempts to organize or "heal" himself. In many cases, the duration of treatment can be shortened, made more efficient and effective.
interested parties: Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, speech therapists, doctors, psychologists and members of other health care professions.

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