[ 10028 ] Lateral training - Required exercise material


With the help of this set, children can quickly move from simple to more challenging exercise material, depending on their reading skills and success. The introduction with the meaningless reading texts is recommended for all age groups from the beginning of the 2nd grade upwards. The exercise material includes the following CDs recorded in the special dummy head stereophony and text books with the same words (!) [The approximate reading speed on the CD is indicated in brackets]: (1) Gi-em-out (meaning-free reading text [30-40 words per minute], Bo in the ice (40-50 words per minute), 28 laughing stories (2 CDs + book) [50-60 words per minute], The most beautiful reading lion stories (6 CDs + book) [60-70 words per minute], Tobi, Babsi and Co. (3 CDs + book) [70-80 words per minute]. My friend, the Hifino (2CDs + book) [80-100 words per minute], Jabberwocky - other meaningless reading material (3 CDs + book) [80-100 words per minute]], Children's songs CD, Articulation CD
*** NEW: Also includes reading board for dwarves A3 and story generator (512 billion stories as a blurb) ***

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